XBox 360: Bill Still Doesn't Get It

Roger Ehrenberg submits: Some have accused me of not really understanding Microsoft's (MSFT) "gateway to the living room" strategy, where they are willing to incur billions upon billions in operating losses over many years in order to establish a beachhead for offline and online gaming, music, video and streaming content.

I've been pretty brutal in my assessment of the risks of such an approach, calling their strategy "niche" and overly-focused on the hard-core gamer, especially at the price point they've established. And I've also commented that this positioning stands in stark contrast to their messaging of becoming more mainstream.

Finally, I've claimed that Microsoft really doesn't understand the mass market, focusing on the technical shortcomings of the massively successful Nintendo (NTDOY.PK) Wii and not on the fact that, bottom line, it provides a fun experience for game players across the spectrum. Something is wrong here, inconsistencies abound.

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SuperSaiyan44740d ago

In some ways other than the fact that the 360 is known to have overheating issues and the drive is loud.

Other than that its about the games right? And which console has the games? Which console has the best online and also top AAA titles this year? 360 of course.

All in all Microsoft's 360 has the games and thats what a games console is all about.

PS3 is imo more of a media device with its built in blu-ray and lots of hardware all put into one box - I have one and I like it.
For gaming it needs to get more titles and I think you got a few this year and more so next year with MGS4 and FF13.

Raiyel4740d ago (Edited 4740d ago )

So when you say that Microsoft has got it right with games, you actually mean that the game development studios got it right...

As far as the hardware goes, Microsoft had a responsibility to put out decent hardware, and they apparently didn't with all the issues it's having, I had my elite for a week and a half and it died... no joke..

That's what Microsoft needs to change... If you look at the PS3 - all fanboyism aside for a moment; Sony builds a monster of a console then hands it off to developers and let's them work, they always deliver on reliable hardware (aside from their laser woes on ps2).

That's why there's no PS3 games at launch, and I think it's sort of the way it should be, Television makers should focus on making great tv's - they shouldn't make shows to watch on them that's the job of the developer.

(Just a note - my ps3 has been on non-stop for a few months doing folding and what not, it has yet to even freeze, except when playing the Warhawk beta)

deepio4740d ago

And who makes the tools to help you deliver the games???

Saint Sony4740d ago

Hmm.. I'm sure things could be better with MS and their strategies but only fool would say they are not doing fine with 360. With all hardware problems (I have not personally witnessed any with my launch console)that 360 is having, they have been doing incredibly well. Any other console with as severe problems would have already died. Especially end of the 2007 will sell loads of more 360 consoles. With so many cool games coming out is not even hard.

What they could do is wider the genre of games. Currently 360 is FPS dominant and not really sure how many non fps games there are coming in near future, anyhow more the merrier.

BIadestarX4740d ago

I think the wii is confusing the people. Lots of people are talking about the wii... why... because most people arent gamers... and there are lots of these people in the media... that are hyping the wii. A bad thing? No. That's great... but these new casual gamers... do not represent the gamer that has being around for a while and that kept the game industry alive for so many years... It's always great to have new gamers comming in... but just because there are more casual gamers due to the wii... it does not mean these people will have a major impact in the industry... sure there will be more puzle games... and games like wii sport that will have some of these people play for a few hours... and then move on.... These casual gamers do not buy more than 1 game or 2. Lots of these people that purchased the wii are no longer even playing it. I have a few friends at work... that just stopped.. and bring it out.. for the kids or when someone comes home and they want to show it. Now, gamers that purchase the console do play it. The wii will help introduce new gamers... but it will not take Microsot or Sony's marketshares... it will just not work that way.

Why o why4740d ago

wiis are everybody's cheap fun. I wouldnt be supprised if its everybody's 2nd console. Hardcores would not have the wii as their primary console especially because of the control system. I think nintendo always knew this

tplarkin74740d ago

The success of the Wii now is not fully understood. Zelda TP was the primary reason the launch succeeded. If casuals and non-gamers are buying Wii's, they may not buy many games. The Wii is an experiment with an unknown future. The analyst is way wrong about the Xbox investment. Too many people are looking at initial Wii sales and proclaiming Nintendo the winner. Just wait for September thru Christmas and let's see who wins.

Diselage4740d ago

If billy boy doesn't get it then at least some of the people underneath of him does because the 360 is doing well and this summer/fall releases are looking fantastic.

Odion4740d ago

Ya hi i don't find the Wii fun at all, i also don't think Nintendo should be having the success they are having considering they're putting almost 0 effort into this and just tossing out 60 dollar mini game sets

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The story is too old to be commented.