Astro Gaming: Voice chat 'critical' to PS3 experience

The idea that the PlayStation 3 "only does everything" is pretty accurate, minus high quality voice chat available in all titles. The lack of cross-game voice chat is typically the biggest complaint among PS3 owners, followed closely by the less than stellar performance of some game's online voice chat.

It should come as no surprise that going into 2010, producers, game peripheral developers, and gamers in general will look for enhanced voice chat in the PS3.

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Dutch Boogie4237d ago

I think this feature will be very necessary for games like MAG and COD:MW2. Larger multiplayer games will benefit mostly from cross game chat. Although the feature will be a welcomed addition, i just don't think i'll use it for anything else of importance. I have managed to do things normally without it and will most likely continue to do so.

mrv3214237d ago

I'd rather poor voice chat than homophobes I'd just have everyone on mute. I have NEVER had a problem with voice chat on my PS3 from Resistance to Uncharted 2 all games have been great. Instead of blaming the games blame the mic or connection.

Marty83704237d ago

Chat is not critical to any game.

sugard04236d ago

TBH I use my PS Eye camera with superb quality and I have peoples voice coming out of the speakers of my TV, I have no problem understanding what people are saying, whether it be randomers or my friends. Quality is high overall with the majority people I talk to on PSN. I doubt people would buy shoddy bluetooth headsets for there phones which means that the PSN will benefit.
I have a motorola headset which I also use, which is obviously clearer than listening to people through my speakers, so quality is very high!

I tell you what was weird though, how my PS Eye only picks up sound from my voice, and when I put it right next to my speakers on a game like MW2, the mic indicator never shows up even when the speakers are loud which are blasting out gunshots! The mic indicator only ever shows up when I say something! AMAZING