Lame Japanese Xbox 360 Ad

Selling the Xbox in Japan is a whole different thing than it is here. Unfortunately, there it seems it's all about dancing boy bands.

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tatical6170d ago

Even that corny jump-rope ad that we had here in the US was better than that crap.

JPomper6170d ago

That jump-rope add was pretty cool.


gamerof3606170d ago

i agree with u gotta fire the guy that made that [email protected] ad... and i have a 360, the commercial shames the 360.........(was that guy giving me the eye) =/

gamerof3606170d ago

still the 360 is a awesome console

Marty83706170d ago

Flopbox360 will never do good in Japan.

sparco6170d ago

shut up. Fu**in sad cu*t. Straight on ere with the words "Flopbox360 will never do good in japan" By the looks of things, nor will the ps3 so haha! The Wii will dominate titw*nk! ha

Smellslikepie6170d ago

The Xbox 360 probably won't do too well in Japan. But it's doing better than the Xbox, I think, so at least Microsoft are getting there.

The PS3 isn't going to do too well in Japan either. It's probably going to do better than the Xbox 360, but maybe the Wii will win overall? I don't know. All I can say is that I hope the Xbox 360 does well, it ought to because Microsoft now have the backing of a few Japanese developers

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