Sony America's PR Mistress Flees

In an unexpected move, SCEA publicity chief Molly Smith has resigned her post. Smith, who has managed SCEA's formidable PR machine for a decade, left the company yesterday.

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Sphinx6323d ago

I didn't think it was that bad for Sony?! I am convinced to wait a year ir two post PS3 launch before even considering a purchase.

Sexius Maximus6323d ago

I couldn't agree more. Considering Sony won't have any good games for a couple years anyway. The good games WILL come, but NOT at launch.

pRo loGic II6323d ago

It does seem like the rats are jumping ship J/K.

OutLaw6323d ago

It usually starts at the top and work its way down so look for them too clean house before the dust settles.

shotty6323d ago

The callapse has already begun. I see Krazy Ken going next. LOL

kingboy6323d ago

please try selling consoles then we can argue...

Patrick6323d ago

Oh for heavens sakes, SHUT UP! No one knows why she left and already here are idiots saying stupid comments. It's really getting old with article writers doing their best to make things sound as bad as possible, People come and go out of businesses all the time. Its NO BIG DEAL. PEOPLE LEAVE WHEN BUSINESS IS GOOD AND BAD OR WHATEVER. People have lives outside their work that make them choose to move on or not. NO ONE KNOWS till she or Sony gives reason. Hey, I know, lets take a wait and see attitude, and do the same for the PS3.

Ugly American6323d ago

Patrick, you are absolutely right. People do come and go. But you have to admit that the timing is a little iffy on this one. You are about to have one of the biggest launches in console history, and the person in charge of the publicity leaves? A successful launch means tons of well dealt PR, and if the lead is going to leave just a few months before the meat of her job...and you don't find that a little suspicious... Well, I find THAT a little suspicious.

Take a step back from concentrating so hard on the PS3, and you will realize that it is not a good thing in the big picture.

pRo loGic II6323d ago

You're a ssj thats better at writing. The person either got fired or she is not happy with what's going on. Just remember that half of what you believe comes from the biggest liers and cheats since Enron.

Islandkiwi6323d ago

I'll just paste it here, it was short.

Sony America's PR Mistress Flees

SCEA publicity chief Molly Smith is the first rat doggy-paddling off of Sony's PS3 public relations Titanic.

Having managed Sony America's PR machine for over ten years, it's a bit surprising that she'd leave so suddenly.

But consider this: even the most superhuman PR mind would find themselves in a difficult and stressful situation given how badly Sony is blundering this launch. It doesn't help matters when guys like Phil Harrison seem to be getting kicks out of issuing absurd comments to the press. You can just imagine a bleary-eyed Molly Smith sitting at her desk at 8am, praying the phone won't ring. Then it does; she answers it with a quavering voice. "Huh-huh-huh-hello?" she pitifully asks. Then she leaps to her feet, waving her arms hysterically around her head. "THAT IDIOT SAID WHAT?!?!?!"

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Vengeance11382d ago

Too little, too late, you're dead. Trust is gone and not coming back.

MWH1d 15h ago

It's ugly, but I think they deserve a second chance only because they, at least, admitted they took a wrong turn, and they want to straighten things up. unlike for example, Nvidia.

Remember, competition is good for the consumers. we don't want them to go out of business, but to do things fairly.

bunt-custardly1d 12h ago (Edited 1d 12h ago )

It's only a matter of time until something else disagreeable becomes policy. The stage has been set. Stone has been cast. Can't rewind time like you can in their game engine.

savedsynner1d 12h ago

Not sure why the downvotes...probably people who have 0 dev experience(or socialists lol). Competition is essentially for quality products.

KwietStorm_BLM1d 11h ago

Get out of here being logical and level headed on the internet. You can only spread hatred and be obstinate with zero exceptions. Obviously nobody being overly dramatic and critical has ever made a mistake. Otherwise they wouldn't be so quick to place permanent judgement on anyone....

mike32UK1d 10h ago

Absolutely not, they've been proven to be chancers. The only reason they are doing a 180 is because they know the alternative is to keep getting shit for being greedy ultimately leading to their failure as a company

anast1d 9h ago

Corporations need to be treated harshly if you want them to change, of course.