God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition Announced for EU

SCEE: "Hi everyone

I'm Thach Quach, Senior European Product Manager for the brutal and highly-anticipated God of War III, exclusive to PlayStation 3.

I'd like to give you some details about the "God of War III: Ultimate Trilogy Edition" we have planned for Europe, Australia and New Zealand and answer any questions you might have."

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Dutch Boogie4238d ago

WOW WOW WOW i'm so all over this sh!t right here. This has got to be the most epic trilogy bundle ever. Make it happen Sony.

rockleex4237d ago

Release this in US as well!! >_<

calis4237d ago

That sounds like a damn good deal.
Thach Quach sounds like a Star Wars character.

goflyakite4237d ago

really hope they make this available in NA too.

MisterNiwa4237d ago

This may sound mean, but i would've gave him the nickname Sasquatch in school.


WildArmed4237d ago

Dmn nice!
Sony does love Eu :)

badz1494237d ago

but I still wanna get my hands to the pandora box. I guess I'm importing the US ultimate edition

The Dark Knight4237d ago

damnit i just imported it lol

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ramon_v4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

as a GOW fan and supporter, i bought the GOW Collection just a few weeks ago... and they announce this now?

what a slap in the face. i would have bought the 'best' edition possible for GOW3 given the chance... but now, doing that is basically flushing 40 bucks down the toilet.

Sony, why do you make it SO hard to love you again?

raztad4238d ago (Edited 4237d ago )

This trilogy is for PAL territories only.

NA got Collection+Demo I think it's fair.

EDIT: I really hope it comes to NA. I'm yet to get the Collection and I would prefer the trilogy. Of course provided Trilogy price is less or equal than Collection + GoW3 standalone.

ramon_v4237d ago

i have a EU PS3 and generally do live in the PAL side of the ocean.

regardless, am pretty sure this will be global. its too good of a package not to and eclipses the ultimate edition previously announced.

DasBunker4237d ago

thats your fault for importing it... nobody forced you to do it..

the GOW collection was coming to EU sooner or later..

crck4237d ago

I'm sorry was Sony telling people in pal regions to import the collection from the US? Nope, you did it on your own and now they are the ones to blame? Anyway, quite your whinning you got to play the collection 5 months early and if you want all that other useless crap just get the US Ultimate edition or whatever the hell they call it.

mrv3214237d ago

Just buy it and trade in the collectors edition, sure you'll loose money but hey sony never held a gun to your head and said import. Besides we've known for quite a while a special edition was coming.

Bobby Kotex4237d ago

This is the Ultimate Edition plus the GoW Collection. Just get the US Collector's and stop whining. That's what i'm doing. I honestly don't see the problem here.

Somnipotent4237d ago

how is this a slap in the face when you already bought the collection? this bundle includes everything the ultimate edition offers + the collection. how would you be missing out? if anything the collection was meant for those who never jumped into the GoW series to catch up. it's better that you got the collection first so when III comes out, you'll be primed and ready.

this generation of gamers... crying over spilled milk. damn. makes me miss the NES days.

travelguy2k4237d ago

do you have to unlock it or is it just in the bonuses?

firelogic4237d ago

It's not a slap in the face. You're enjoying the collection right now instead of waiting until March/April. I don't believe the collection is currently available in Europe. Correct me if I'm wrong.

pilotpistolpete4237d ago

I really don't see your problem. Two options:
. GOD 3 + GOW Collection


b. GOD Trilogy

We know from this news article that

GOD Trilogy = GOD 3 + GOW Collection

thus a=b.

The ultimate version of GOW3 will be available for you without being bundled with the GOD collection you already own.

The only problem I would see here, is that maybe your a packaging fanatic and the trilogy might have a fancy box set. If apologies.

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dorron4237d ago


Still, I'm SOLD !!!!

This is the very first collector's edition I'm willing to buy and I guess it will be the last if Metal Gear or some kind of Final Fantasy come out in the future.

PD: Is this GOW...or is this WOW !!!! WOW is the word...

kwicksandz4237d ago

WoW does have some of the best collectors editions in gaming.

Somnipotent4237d ago

i bought the collection already so this doesn't add any extra value to me personally.

Akagi4237d ago

I'm literally bouncing off all f*cking walls!!!

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