Opinion: The "Wii Bubble" and the Four Types of Gamers

"I think the Wii bubble will burst any day." That's what veteran game journalist Steve Kent told USA Today at the recent Nintendo media summit. The writer of this article disagrees with Steve and explains about his opinion and 4 types of gamers from Hardcore to Casual.

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PhinneousD4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

The Wii is here to stay. They are reaching a farther audience that has never been reached by the gaming industry before. Nintendo is moving the market and expanding it leaps and bounds. "crappy" visuals or not, this new found consumer market is huge and doesn't care about graphic superiority, all they want is innovation and something fun to play, and obviously not to complicated either. This is the day and age of change, and Nintendo knows what it is doing. Remember the DS when it was first announced? Everyone thought it was a joke, low and behold the joke is on us. It is greatest hand held ever created, and breaking sales records. I can see where they are going with it's consoles this generations, and honestly being the first of the firsts in gaming, Nintendo will decide how the market will move.

closedxxx4742d ago

If Nintendo fails to create some good new innovative games to take advantage of the Wii controller scheme.
If the Wii continues to get multi-platform games that are only slightly modified to use with the Wii-mote, things will go bad very quickly.
The Wii has the potential and the hardware to stick around for quite a while, but if we keep seeing downgraded versions of XBOX360 and PS3 games on the Wii, the Wii owners will soon start to regard their little white box as simply a gimmick that was good for a couple of games, and be done with it.

thisisim4742d ago

Good article. There are different groups of gamers and that is often ignored. There are actually many more types of gamers than the four listed as I don't quite fit any of them...