Modern Warfare 2: GHOST #1 Review -

Gamervision writes:
"Being a game reviewer, I obviously spent a fair amount of time playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 this holiday season. I'm not going to rant about the gameplay or anything, since this isn't the place for that, but it was good. Very good. The story, in particular, was extremely interesting, and while it was short, it definitely managed to squeeze a good amount of action and adventure into a great narrative. One area where it suffered, however, was characterization, since it was hard to really push forward any character development in-between explosions and helicopter battles."

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BadboyCivic3604246d ago

after completing the game, i forgot what it was all about...

Fossil164245d ago

Funny same here.... but what I do remember is Ghost, don't know much about him, but his whole character is mystrious and even the way he looks is pretty awesome. Now add him in a comic (glossy) I think it will do good! Just don't add CALL of DUTY on the title!!!!