3D + Wand + Exclusives = Win for PS3's Future

GamesThirst: Lights, camera, action! It came on the scene in 2006 and the events that played out thereafter could be pulled directly from a story detailing the good fortunes of someone gone bad and eventually came right back to their former glory. I don't work at Sony, but when looking at what the company has in store for the PS3, including the endless possibilities of Blu-ray, Wand Controller, the second to none exclusive lineup, PSN, Home, and stereoscopic 3D gaming, there's no other way to the visualize it in my mind. The PS3's future has 'win' written all over it. Let's take them one at a time...

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movements4243d ago

I believe the fighting should be between the three companies; not gamers. Silly

Saaking4242d ago

PS3 really has it all. If you're really a gamer, you need to have a PS3 (and a PC or if you can't then a 360 will do). It has some of the highest rated games, all the great multiplats, and a lot of awesome stuff coming with a lot of potential.

Young Capwn4242d ago

Its all a conspiracy, we know M$ is developing one too probably together with sony and we all know theres going to be fake excusives that will eventually be on both. And all the developers will already know specs on both and are making games that will be on both consoles.

I think sony and M$ are working together in some ways secretly so they dont destroy each other.

Arnon4242d ago

3D would be awesome but... damn would it be expensive to buy a 3D compatible HDTV. The wands I don't care for too much and it's basically a no brainer that the exclusives are good lol.

C_SoL4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

A HDTV that has 120hz refresh rate is compatible with 3D gaming.

There's a lot of HDTVs that are 120hz for under 1000 bones.

So don't believe the non sense that people throw out at you when they themselves know nothing about it.

Also I forgot to throw out that you need to wear glasses for the effect which is no biggie. They're just glasses.

Arnon4242d ago

Good to hear. So any TV with 120hz refresh rate is 3D compatible? You learn something new every day.

siyrobbo4242d ago

3d + wand + exclusives = Niche

Exclusives = WIN

Guido4242d ago

Only for the 360 fans that can't handle the fact that the PS3's future is full of win. The PS3 has a huge bag full of potential and is showing just what the potential truly is. It's not suffering from old tech like a gimped DVD format or the lack of WiFi. Instead, the PS3 offers Blu-Ray, WiFi, Media Connectivity, 3D gaming, highest rated exclusives, free online play, downloadable movies and games, and it has one of, if not the most mature communities ever seen in a game console. The PS3 is a great choice for anybody that wants their cost up front and who wants to enjoy gaming on and off line for years to come at no extra cost other than that of the games themselves.

RememberThe3574242d ago

Really? That almost sounds too good to be true. Too bad my little ass tv only does 60. It was a hell of a steal though!

Even being a person slanted towards Sony, this seems like it's just trying to get hits from fanboys. But, if you guys want to play along, go for it.

evrfighter4242d ago

"There's a lot of HDTVs that are 120hz for under 1000 bones. "

you could also build a pretty beastly gaming pc for 1000 bones also.

Nodoze4242d ago

The TV must accept a 120hz input. While most sets out today output at 120hz it is simply an upsampling of 60hz input. If your set is a recently purchased DLP unit from Mitsu or Samsung there is a good chance you are compatible. DLP and Plasma has the most support.

Take a peek at the Nvidia site here, as I assume this is going to be similar to what is offered on the PS3.

Christopher4242d ago

3D + Natal + Exclusives = Win for Microsoft's future

3D + Wii + Exclusives = More Win for Nintendo's future

People do realize that Sony isn't the only one putting out 3D capable TVs, right? And that 3D capable software can be loaded onto any medium, right?

Personally, I am legally blind in one eye, so 3D anything will never take off in my household. Just glad I'm not fully blind so I can enjoy 2D gaming.

SilentNegotiator4242d ago

....but 3D and motion controller combined would be pretty freaking trippy and awesome.

Arnon4242d ago

Thanks for clearing that up. I was somewhat suspicious of the whole 120hz = 3D-ready. What's the average price range of a 3D HDTV?

rockleex4242d ago

Sony is the only one supporting 3-D.

Sure, there may be some third parties that want to release 3-D games on the Wii or 360. But they're going to have to find out how to do it on that system by themselves.

Sony on the other hand is working with the BDA to standardize 3-D on Blurays.

Sony will release their own 3-D titles. And any developer who wants to make 3-D games will be helped by Sony... because Sony is actually supporting and PUSHING 3-D.

Arnon4241d ago

Avatar: The Game runs in 3D, and it's on the 360.

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qface644243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

something no one has used yet + motion that might be bad or good + exclusives equal win? i don't get it...
wouldn't the win be coming from the exclusives

im trying to figure out why people are going GA GA over 3d in gaming when i think about it its not gonna be anything to go insane about

EDIT: this whole time i never noticed it was from BLOGSPOT never mind then
(i think i need glasses)

movements4243d ago

features, games and functionalities that will keep them up-to-speed and in the race for the long haul.

Nintendo Wii has created a market that many thought would never be interested in games.

Xbox 360 introduced and mastered online play, (although Sony is not lacking in that area with PSN either) and because of it have garnered respect as a strong player. Combined with the other offerings of Xbox 360, Microsoft is here to stay.

And Sony is in the best position out of the three. 3D set to make a big splash, Blu-ray keeping the PS3 far above its competitors, PSN growing by leaps and bounds, Home starting to take shape......

I see all the companies remaining in this business for the foreseeable future.

-Alpha4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

And yeah, it's another random blog trying to start more unnecessary and illogical wars over petty things.

Both the 3D and PS3 Wand have yet to come out, NOBODY knows how the final wand will look like, nor do they know the games that will support it, yet the blog writer decides to post such a nonsensical post.

Simply introducing motion control does not equal a win since cost, marketability, and support are unknown, but of course, the blog writer hasn't thought that far ahead.

Exclusives are the most reliable and important factors right now, but we don't want another lame article repeating what has already been said many times before.

C_SoL4242d ago

If you haven't....then I rest my case as you of being guilty of not knowing what your taking about when it comes to 3D effects.

FiftyFourPointTwo4243d ago

SD + Project Failtal + Nothing but multiplats = Bye bye Failbox. :P

4point7BillionLoss4242d ago

and exact copy of Wii rubbish, nothing new will not move anything more than what eye toy have managed thus far.

Complete and utter fauilure !!!!!

and it only cost sony $4.7 billion ;-)

sikbeta4242d ago

2 questions?

1·How did you post the word "D!ldø" and don't get banned?

2·Do you really believe that a consumer will CARE about a Company loss?

Bungie4243d ago

@Ps3 owners

support your wand

FiftyFourPointTwo4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Of course we'll support it. Now support playing with thin air looking like a retard aka Project Floptal. LMAO

Bungie4243d ago

i hope you support it better than your supporting for Unfarted 2

Gabe EatsWell4243d ago

and we hope you support Halo so you guys can enjoy one Halo game every year till you reach Halo 17.

CernaML4242d ago

Halo 17? Could be Beatmania IIDX's new subtitle.

LeonSKennedy4Life4242d ago

He said fart.

: )

How old are we?

C_SoL4242d ago

you guys crack me up.

sikbeta4242d ago

What's problem with you? Release your Fanboy Anger, nobody will give you a bubble for comments like that lol

And another thing, we are PS3 consumers and PS3 consumers don't have the DUTY to buy a SONY First Party Game, we can choose what to buy

I know that by your point of view, UC2 is [email protected] cuz don't sell like teh haloez, but salez =/= QUALITY, look at MW2 is [email protected] but sold better than Halo, so what's the point?

If you don't see HUGE salez of UC2 is mainly because of MW2 and it's Gigantic Hype, but the game will have enough legs to sell at least 2 times better than the first

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WildArmed4243d ago

Wow lol
I don't give a crap about motion control gaming.
I would love to game in 3D but hell i ain't going out to buy a 3D enabled HDTV just for that =/

So.. in my book, exclusives = win. =/
screw the rest

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