Strategy Informer: Mass Effect 2 Interview

Strategy Informer writes: "In the final segment of our coverage of EA's small hands-on event in London, Strategy Informer was allowed to get one final look in at one of 2010's most anticipated titles. Despite the recent release of a truly epic title in the form of Dragon Age, Bioware is going to be hitting us hard again come January with a sequel to the stellar RPG that is Mass Effect. Having spent a gripping two hours playing the beginning sequence of the game, we sat down with Bioware Producer Adrien Cho and got his thoughts now that they're approaching the final hurdle:"

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lokin4237d ago

"Mass Effect 2 is the greatest game we've made in the history of our studio, so as you can imagine it's pretty exciting".
Those are some pretty big words for a studio that made KOTOR, Baldurs Gate, Mass Effect 1 and a new favourite of mine, Dragons Age.

lokin4237d ago

Can not wait for this!
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