The Agency interview with first trailer of the game's interview with The Agency's design director, Matt Wilson.

"Matt Wilson: The basic premise behind The Agency is to live the life of an elite spy agent. We intend to do this by really immersing the player in what they've been used to seeing in movies like James Bond or the Bourne series or in TV shows like 24 or Alias, to really give them that experience of living the life of an elite agent. Whether that comes from the lifestyle, the locations or the over-the-top action moments that people love to see. We want to give them something exciting that they would typically expect in that kind of action/intrigue genre."

See the alternative sources below for the direct link to the trailer.

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SF49er4084741d ago

srry but this does not show the true potential of the ps3. i wanna see killzone already plz!!!!

jtish4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Or was it to make an enjoyable MMOG.

Locoroco and Parapa didn't show off the abilities of the Ps2 but they were fun games.

NOW it seems people want great gaphics and don't care about gameplay.

I remember a time when people complained about certain games having great graphics but the gameplay was rubbish.

Man. You can't win on this site.

Keyser4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Sorry you feel that way 49er. This game looks hot to mee for an MMO. Honestly, I rarely ever thought about playing an MMO but this has definitely got me interested.

The graphics and art direction has a certain asethetic appeal that I like. The game actually looks like it will be fun and entertaining and I think that's all I can ask. I'll find out first hand when I pick up my copy.

Maybe I'll be the only one playing this game.

PlayStation3604740d ago

you will not be the only one playing this game. I'm getting that game aswell. I plan on being a spy/stealth type person (I'm into that ninja/assassin type thing). But man, that commado (in that trailer) coming in the room and blasting everything around him. CLASSIC!!!

Devilbringer4741d ago

Wow this is Must have game Awesome. ive been wating for a game like this Cheers for SOE. Hers the link to the video for you lazy ppl <3

occamsrazor4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

This game holds no mystery for me. As an undercover operative of the salvation army, this is everyday life for me, so really quite humdrum.
We have ways of making you donate!

Seriously though - it does look rather good.

smeg0rz4741d ago

negitive comments? this looks sweet as ...

Vojkan4741d ago

IT doesnt look good at all. More like PS 2.5 game but i guess its not surprising since this will be for PC also.

See i told you those podcast guy were overhyping 11th June thing.

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The story is too old to be commented.