Battle of the Upscalers - Playstation 3 VS Xbox 360

It seems like even upscaling is subject to qualitative differences, the Xbox 360 is clearly cleaning up images wherein the Playstation 3 seems to be blurring out the jagged edges.

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SuperSaiyan44735d ago

360 upscaling works a lot better it makes the images look far better whereas the PS3's one just blurs everything making it look like you need glasses.

tony4735d ago

you are totally right. the 360 do a pretty good job upscaling the old xbox games.

fenderputty4735d ago

all 3 of the original games it can play.

HokieFan4735d ago

It's actually 327 by my count. I think that's pretty decent.

TheMART4735d ago

And that's very, very logical to explain also.

The 360 has Ana, a special upscale chip that does horizontal and vertical upscaling, with much quality, more then most upscalers can do.

The PS3 does software upscaling and can only do horizontal or vertical. Not both at the same time. Plus it does the job very poorly also.

All upscaling I've seen, gets blurry and the thing they do is make the screen squeezed together, it makes all the characters etc. look tiny and the wideness of the screens are not balanced anymore.

PS3 does a really, really poor job if you compare it to the 360. Fact. Proven. Pictures all around.

I bet Sony fanboys below are going to scream and shout because of this post, but if you can give facts and prove me wrong write. If you only can say: "I hate you xbot", then I see that as confirmation of my post. Thanks in advance!

Babylonian4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

You actally go against your own argument. You say fact, well I know for fact that you don't own a PS3. So how can you say: "All upscaling I've seen, gets blurry and the thing they do is make the screen squeezed together, it makes all the characters etc. look tiny and the wideness of the screens are not balanced anymore." You probably only saw these screens and jumped to a conlusion.

And you base your whole comment on pictures of 1 game on each console. better look at these:
- http://forums.gametrailers....
Those games look more detailed to me than blurred as you proclaim. They are more smooth, but very little blurred. Only some tittles are blurred on some areas (PS1 tittles mostly) The IGN article explains it better.

I may be wrong, but you said the PS3 can not do horizontal and vertical upscaling at the same time. Could you provide a link for that, I would like to read that (not being sarcastic, but I just want to confrim that statement for myself). If you can't provide a link than you're argument is not valid either, as you keep telling everyone to give a link or else their story is bullsh!it.

Captain Tuttle4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

22 agree and 15 disagree! HaHa! You really stir things up Mart...good for you man.

Alvadr4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

I have a PS3 and the upscaling on PS2 games and on DVDs is beautiful on my Panasonic TH42PX70. FFXII looks amazing.

I dont really care if the 360 is better or not. PS3 looks awesome on my TV so thats all that matters :P

Get a life Mart - the childish "My console is better than yours" approach that you take to every single article is getting old.

Seek help, i think you need it!!!

Bloodmask4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

you are right the upscaler is hardware driven in the 360. There is an upscaling chip that is included in every console. The PS3 is completely software driven(through the firmware update) and is not nearly as causes a lot more stretching and more of a blurring effect.

Head start: the Xbox 360 and the next generation
By Ben Kuchera | Published: January 02, 2007 - 08:45PM CT

"We call it Ana. This is the scaling chip that's in the 360," he tells me.
It's odd to see it—a tiny little chip—but this may be one of the secret weapons the 360 has against the PS3. The PS3 has no internal hardware scaler, which means games that are 720p native can only be shown in 720p or 480p; there is no scaling up to 1080p or 1080i. This causes people with older HDTVs to have issues with the available resolutions, and keeps them from playing the games in anything but 480p. It's a vexing problem for a system that's supposed to be HD, and this issue is one of the most challenging that Sony faces. I ask the Microsoft guys how important it was for them to include a scaler in the 360.

"It was a critical design decision; we wanted the 360 to be high-definition, not just 1080p or some other standard. That's why we included component cables in the box; there is no HDTV that doesn't have a component in," said Greenberg. This is where the magic happens

They assume that Sony didn't include a hardware scaler to keep costs down.

xg-ei8ht4735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

I'd sort of agree for some of them.

But you have to remmember this.

The God of War screenshot(first one) is very pixelated. a ps2 game dosent have the image quality for such an increase in res.

That would explain the blur.

Its nothing to do with the ps3.


xbox(nvidia nextgen chip att) - 360 (nextgen chip now)

The jump in quality is not as apparent.

Hence xbox games should look better when being upscaled by 360.

Because the image quality of the original xbox was better to begin with then the ps2.

kewlkat0074735d ago (Edited 4735d ago )

If the Image Quality of the Xbox was better than PS2(Of course, no denying it was), hence the Xbox Screens should always look better when Scaled on Next-Gen. It's almost like you really can't compare the images of a PS2 games and a Xbox, but you can compare how the Scalers are done in totally different ways on both consoles.

Of course for PS2 fans, it was not about graphics when it came to the Xbox/Ps2 Right?

I never really read up on the scalers of both consoles, but both, Sony and MS went about different ways of doing it. Hardware Scaler IMO will always be better. Anyhow can we give it rest, It's all in the Architecture of both consoles. It's not the end of the world sonyfans. Hopefully, it does not put a damper on your day.

JsonHenry4735d ago

They are not referring to last gen games when talking about upscaling.

Almost every X360 and PS3 game is set to run natively at 720p. So when upscaling to 1080i/p on games like Resistance and Gears of War the PS3 has a HUGE disadvantage with hardware acceleration.

It is a simple matter really. Of course the 360 is going to look better upscaled, it has a whole extra chip doing the work! The PS3 will NEVER be able to match it. Not because it couldn't do it, just because it does not have a hardware scaler.

PS360PCROCKS4735d ago

Actually I do have to agree with you as alot of original xbox games, Halo 2 being one of them were made in HD. Mainly 480P but still with that option alone it allows you to upscale to 480P and have a nicer picture than you would with a PS2 game set to run in 480i. As logical though as that may sound, you can only make excuses for the PS3 but when it comes down to it it's all about who can do it better and that is the 360. Love my ps3 but I play my PS2 for my PS2 games.

Merovee4735d ago

There is an option on PS3 to blur the edges, meant to be used on the really old games that every "comparison" on the net is using on every game compared. I have yet to see photos posted of any game with this option turned off.