First screens The Agency

Sony Computer Entertainment just published the first screens of the new Spy-themed MMO The Agency. Hit the jump to check 'em out! (click on the thumbnails below the text).

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Diselage4152d ago

Not bad looking but it's going to take a lot more than pretty screens to convince a buy this year.

SuperSaiyan44152d ago

Those pics look absolutly AWFUL!

Really scratchy! PDZ on the 360 looks better than this!

MK_Red4152d ago

Not bad for an MMO. The game seems to have some really nice gameplay mechanics... I hope its free of monthly charge.

CrazzyMan4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

but, well they still have time.
Look how Warhawk has changed only in few month. :)

p.s. "The art direction reminds me of a next gen No One Lives Forever (thats a good thing, by the way)."

Kyur4ThePain4152d ago

Now THAT was a game I enjoyed.

Like you mentioned...the art direction, characters, MUSIC...everything was just wonderful.

SimmoUK4152d ago

Looks good for an MMO, i'm not normally into mmo's but a spy one with different gangs and sneaking and taking over different areas, getting information, i could really dig this!

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The story is too old to be commented.