Resistance Vs The Church – the offending imagery examined has taken some video footage of the Manchester Cathedral scene in PS3 shooter Resistance: Fall of Man.

The portion of the game has provoked an outcry from the Church, who is threatening to take legal action against Sony unless the game is taken down from the shelves.

See the offending scene for yourself and make your own judgement as to whether or not the Church has good reason for outcry.

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smeg0rz4734d ago

tell me if im wrong, but im sure the cathedrel is in a multiplayer map as well... in this case the players you kill are humans if your the alien side?

toniez74734d ago

I think this whole thing is ridiculous, I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft was influencing the church somehow, but if not; Why now?
How come no one said anything when the game launched, why because they want more people to purchase the game so they can get a bigger settlement.
This is just another example of misusing the legal system and to top it off, if the Manchester church is sooo holy why do they have gargoyles and demon statues all around the church?
I never understood that.


Perhaps they have been behind the scenes on this matter and it just leaked out, or perhaps not to many folks in the church play PS3 games, or perhaps this matter had to reach the top of the chain of command before the matter was decided upon. It's all speculation unless your directly involved and even then communications can be misunderstood. The point is in the end of it all it seems Sony is used to extending it's forceful hand taking liberties where they should not!

I am not very religious in the organized sense but I can see where they are coming from. Any teen that that has played Resistance and is planning to attend one of these invited sessions to the Manchester Cathedral will undoubtedly cross reference this in their minds while visiting. If the church believes that while in the "House of GOD" these impressionable young minds could be thinking of weapons and slaughtering enemies, then I see why they object. Aliens or gangsters whats the difference when were talking about teens and weapons. Don't be naive, you know the designer was trying to send some sort of message about the church. Why was the church not given the option to allow the churches likeness to appear in the game, seems to be standard protocol?

Before you start on religion has represented bloodshed for centuries, it does not appear that this is the current message at this point in our history.

peksi4734d ago

..they want money. So much for their holyness.

If they really cared they'd try to resist violence in games, who cares about a freakin building!

r10004734d ago

peksi I 100% agree with you, I clicked "let user speak" don't get me started on the church wanting money, man that pisses me off.

The church is probably the most profitable business ever, bunch of BS

Loopy4734d ago

You guys need to look at it from the other side too.
This is good press for the Manchester Church, so that they can enroll more sheep into their ranks :)

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