Color-Blind Gamers Petition Infinity Ward About COD: MW2

Even with the tremendous sales success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward keeps taking hits in the public arena. First, there was the perceived slight to the PC community. Then there was the abuse of the Javelin Glitch. And recently, the Public "Private Match" and Infinite Ammo Glitches were causing havoc online.

Now, color-blind gamers have publicly aired their gripes, and started an online petition requesting that Infinity Ward patch MW2 so that they are not at a disadvantage when playing online:

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4242d ago
Charmers4242d ago

Seems like a simple enough request to me. I can't honestly see how it would take all that much work to change the colour of the friend/foe identifiers for colour blind people.

Unfortunately this is Activision and Infinity Ward we are talking about here. They have shown time and time again they honestly do not give a flying crap about their customers and what their customers want.

I don't think a petition is going to help these people get what they want. The best solution is to just never give these crooks your money ever again.

PS360WII4242d ago

I know Rockstar had a similar complaint over the Table Tennis game but the difference will be that Rockstar did something about it...

but yeah petitions do nothing

SpinalRemains1384242d ago

Why cant they just add black and white or Yellow and blue for the color blind? How hard can it be to add an extra menu for them. If 8 percent of males are color blind then that means there are 480,000 color blind players. To me that seems plenty to appease with a new menu and colors.