Two Worlds "meatier" than Oblivion

Zuxxez big cheese Dirk Hassinger believes Two Worlds is a more complex and in-depth game than main rival Oblivion.

He told Eurogamer in an exclusive interview that despite obvious similarities between the two titles, his has much more going on under the surface, and has improved upon Bethesda's creation in nearly every area.

"Our inventory system is smarter, our magic system is much more complex and even the way we handle horses has more depth. Beyond those game mechanics, we have a much more complex society, with many more factions working within it. On top of that, our overarching storyline is a touch darker and more involved. That's not to say that Oblivion is a worse game, just that Two Worlds has more 'meat'."

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Diselage4805d ago

Looking forward to this one so this is good news.

ericnellie4805d ago

with the screen shots and videos I've seen lately, the graphics don't look as polished as Oblivion. I hope this all changes prior to it's release:) Only time will tell.

Dukester1014805d ago

I'm an Oblivion freak, but given that this game has more time in development, and more time and possibly money to work with, then I would hope the mechanics would be better...

They saw the things that Oblivion was "lacking" and improved upon it, that's one of the things about being out the door 1st- it gives others a chance to "steal" things they like or "play up" the things your game "lacked."

sumfood4u4805d ago

I've seen nice videos on you tube i'm very impressed with this game! Looking 4wards to this game for the PS3! Mean while i'll be playing Oblivion.

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The story is too old to be commented.