The top five annoying trends in videogames

The Downloadable Content. Good idea. But often the content appears only a few days after release. This raises the question whether the developers really couldn't implement it into the game. More annoying trends: Open World, Realism, Loveless Multiplayer-Modes and more.

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Voltago4243d ago

Games are about fun so too much realism can kill the gameplay as well as the entertaining elements. I'm no well trained soldier I'm just a gamer. I want fun not getting killed by one single hit...

darkmurder4242d ago

Well that's where sim and arcade come into it, COD tries to be borderline sim and arcade but it is pretty arcadey compared to say Arma 2 which sets out for realism. Dev's just need to decide which way they want to go and the consumer will then win.

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Solidus187-SCMilk4242d ago

I think its stupid that every game has recharging health. It made sense in halo with the shields and wolverine games. But games like gears and uncharted have recharging health too. Almost every game has recharging health now.

AKNAA4242d ago

I play games to get out of everyday reality and have fun doing it. like dynasty warriors for example, I feel like I made a big difference in the battlefield when I kill like 2000 enemy soliders or be able to climb like a monkey in uncharted!

As for open world games, I find them repetitive, same everything through out the game... single path games however always takes you to new places, different sceneries, gameplay, better detailed graphics and just plain more fun in my opinion.

DLC... just a scam to make extra profit.

Darkstorn4242d ago

I like what Media Molecule is doing with DLC (except for the water thing - put it in a patch!), but for the most part DLC is a scam. It's overpriced, shallow, and almost always not worth it.
As for realism in video games, military sims tend to be the worst case. That being said, it's mostly military buffs who play those games...or little kids who want to be a soldier when they grow up...

blu_yu_away4242d ago

@ 1.3 And walking over a magical box that heals all your injuries makes sense? While I would argue medi kits make games tougher I wouldn't say that are any more logical.

Solidus187-SCMilk4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

Medkits represent medical aid, regenerating health represents a day in gaming where everything is simplified and easy.

Sure medkits arent realistic but neither are videogames. I just wish developers wouldnt blindly follow the leader and copy the regenerating health. I think games can represent extra health in many different ways(rest/potions, aid station, medical bots, herbs, food, water fountian, sex with hookers, etc), not just med kits. And there is only one way to represent inexplicably recharging health, and thats with inexplicably recharging health.

Edit-- ALso, I think medkits are ALOT more logical them regeneration. Ive never heard of a person who can regenerate after 5 seconds, but I have heard of medkits helping injured people.

Skip_Bayless4241d ago

I got my own top 5:

1. more multiplatform games
2. rise of casual gameing with Wii and DS
3. rise of Microsoft Game Studios
4. decline of Japanese development and games
5. too many FPS games that follow the same mundane formula

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Maikrobi4242d ago

Yeah, that's why I like fantasy games

WhoopDiDoo4242d ago

Open world is worth discussing, indeed. I'm really tired of running around searching for quests in order to complete a game. Worst thing is: most of the time I find myself doing the same thing over and over again :/ But I know a lot of people who really like open world games. It's a matter of taste.

BYE4242d ago

I was sceptical about open world games until I played Assassin's Creed 2.

It manages to offer the benefits of a big, free world while still being immersive and capturing you in a great storyline. AC2 is open world done right.

Kiriel4242d ago

Ehm, peeps. Can we NOT post articles that are in another language than English? Google translate makes this (and others) pretty much unreadable.

ThatArtGuy4242d ago

How about not reading articles that bother you? Don't try to penalize everyone just because *you* don't like something.

PS3Freak4242d ago

Although people have every right to post in any language, some of the sentances and paragraphs in this article make little to no sense. Most of the time i can understand the jist of what is trying to be said though.

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