PS3 bites back

Cost, games, functionality - it's all too easy to criticise the PS3. But while the big titles are still lacking things are apparently getting better for the embattled console. Sony Europe boss David Reeves recently announced the one millionth PS3 sell-through in PAL territories - faster than both PSOne, and more relevantly, PS2. Not bad for nine and half weeks.

Predictably the biggest game successes have been Resistance Fall of Man and Motorstorm, while 460,000 PS3 owners have signed up to the PlayStation Network online service. Elsewhere Reeves confirmed that the 20Gb and 80 Gb consoles were unlikely to launch in Europe any time soon. Quietly impressive figures then, which confirm the endearing popularity of the PlayStation brand in Europe. And surprising too, especially when there is no real reason to buy a PS3 at the moment.

There's no doubt that some timely PS3 updates have improved the online experience - although it still doesn't compare to Xbox Live - and beefed up the the media elements. The latter, especially the PSP connectivity, is really beginning to fulfil potential. And you can't underestimate how important reliability and build quality are - two areas where PS3 trounces the 360. But unless you are really desperate to watch Blu-ray movies then it pays to wait. This time next year the PS3 should actually have some games worth shouting about - hopefully a PS3 "Gears of War" that really highlights the graphical potential of the console - plus the more intriguing draws like Home and LittleBigPlanet will have launched.

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InMyOpinion4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

Are you gonna bark all day, little doggy, or are you gonna bite?

I still don't see any games coming soon. To play or display, that's the question...

@Maddens Raiders: Sorry if I hurt your feelings, I can see that you were truly affected by my words. You don't know me, so don't even try. The only one full of prejudice is you, trying to judge me without knowing. You call me a troll just because I don't agree with you that the Ps3 is all it was promised to be. Troll? Look at your avatar before saying stuff like that, dude.

I loved the Ps1 and the Ps2 had the best games compared to the Xbox. Now the tables are turned though. I'm not into brand loyalty like yourself, instead I buy consoles according to which games are on offer. In my opinion the Ps3 is too expensive, has no interesting games and nothing going for it.

That's my opinion and I have just as much rights to comment on whatever I want as you have. If you can't deal with it (as you clearly stated in your comment that you can't) use the Ignore function as 4 other members already have. You take this too seriously...

Alvadr4734d ago

E307 - You will see. One month to go

SuperSaiyan44734d ago

Will be a top game to show some of the so called graphical capabilities of the machine...All rendered in software of course since the GPU is too old to offer any of the next gen features the 360 has.

Maddens Raiders4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

you shouldn't be so quick to disbelieve in a brand that has done nothing less than D-D-D-D-dominate the last 12 years of gaming...
comments like these:

-- " still don't see any games coming soon. To play or display, that's the question... " --

..........are just ignorant and unecessary and show that you're not ready to talk shop about the system; i.e., you're trolling my man. Surely you jest when you say this knowing how that Fantastic 4, The Darkness, and R6 will be out soon and there's no use going into anything else, because you don't care. You could care less about the PlayStation. In fact I bet you played it back in the day and still want to, but can't let go of your twisted prejudice - grow up.
People should be able to talk openly about any other product or system, just like when there is a discussion about sports in general. You can't keep talking about YOUR team (whoever that is) all the time, you must be able to engage intelligently about the other teams as well. If not this makes for very unpleasant and short lived conversations. What your writing is presumptive bashing and self agrandizing behavior which leaves no room for real debate on the issues served up by the writer ~ and you know that. The writer even states that there is a lull in games right now, so wtf is up with the redundant questioning? Oh I know, for effect. Y_Y

You just want to stroll, troll, and bash. Good job. You've served you purpose - now go die. You actually get off on going to PS3 threads to post mindless hors$shyt. Incredible, people like you...just incredible. Mart

I'm not saying that the PS3 couldn't use their share of AAA titles (every system could), and within a few short months these games will have started rolling out for the PlayStation mate (you already know this) and they are going to look so silky smooth like we all know they really can. That will make the PS news on this site even more dominated by PS news than it is now ~ you know why? 'Cause everybody loves a winner. That's why. You know it. The people reading this know it. The lovers know it, and the haters know it too. Yeah.

Stop rooting against what you love and return to your roots. Come back to your senses and fly with the eagles once again. It's not too late. All gamers welcome to the PSN - no purchase necessary.

============================= ============================== = ===========

On topic:

Man, this writer has been in my head I swear. I was thinking the exact same thing; and have said the exact same things before. I guess good minds really do think alike. Amazing! =]


MK_Red4734d ago

Console Wars Episode III: Revenge of the PS3.
I really hope Sony returns to form soon. Lair, Uncharted and Ratchet&Clank are coming, hang on there buddy.

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