Did the PS3 Just Outsell the 360 in November?

In the same month of November, in Europe, PS3 outsold Xbox by a margin of about 215,000. Yep, that's about twice the margin of victory MS had in America. In Japan, in the same period, PS3 outsold Xbox by about 140,000 units. And the fun ain't over yet. In November, in terms of units sold in markets outside Europe, America & Japan, PS3 sold about 740,000 units (as much as it sold in US), while Xbox sold 500,000. That again gives Sony a 240,000 margin of victory.

Now, add up all the numbers, and you see that overall, in the month of November, Sony sold about 500,000 more consoles than Microsoft. That's about… (Sigh)… half a million!

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Mr_Bun4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Lately "Journalism" is all about getting attention, rather than reporting the ENTIRE facts.

It is this 'half-assed' effort which seems to be rewarded today...See Infinity Ward

vhero4245d ago

Wait these numbers don't count we all know only the US exists and the NPD according to Microsoft.

ico924245d ago

i think its because here in the EU I don't think we have anything like NPD to keep track of how well each console is doing , and its kinda odd especialy when you look at the U.K which is the 2nd-3rd largest gaming console market in the world, the industry tends to focus on the states alot more because, like the article said it has the largest console market in the world and there are sites like NPD

Chris3994245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

And an armchair anyalyst. Even the analysts are spouting off premature prognostications, only to recant or "revise" them in due course.

A number of factors influenced the 360's marginal win over the PS3 in November. The banning of about 1 million live accounts. The crazy deals on 360 hardware. These factors are not going to continue in perpetuity. What will, forgoing a permanent price reduction on MS' part, is that at its current price, the PS3 is selling competitively against MS on its own turf - territory where it is and has consistently sold the strongest. And it has been this way since the Slim launched in September.

I don't see this trend reversing itself either. A few months of tugging back and forth over 100K sales while your competitor outsells you by hundreds of thousands of units worldwide doesn't really amount to much of a victory.

Just saying.

Edit: @ico. I would refer you to the infamous European sales figure debacle (believe it was this summer or earlier on in the year even). Sony PR states that they have sold 10 million units in the EU. This is countered by MS stating that THEY have sold more and Sony's information is incorrect, or that they "count differently" (at this point, MS is indirectly saying that they have, as of that moment, sold 10 million + consoles in EU). Fast-forward to November where MS quietly announces that they have now passed sales in excess of 10 million units in Europe. Several months later, after contesting Sony's results with their "own". Do you see the IRONY? Can you smell the feces being smeared about?

This industry and it's figures and mouthpieces are a joke. At the end of the day, games are being made, people are buying consoles to play those games, and that's all I really care about.

Mr_Bun4245d ago

What we do have is proof that the Japan territory alone negated the lead in the US

Arnon4245d ago

"we all know only the US exists and the NPD"


gaffyh4245d ago

@1.5 - It's called sarcasm.

TheBlackSmoke4245d ago

buh buh pee ess free lost in november...

Guido4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Everybody knows that the only numbers that count are NPD numbers.


We all know that the only idiots that believe that the PS3 was outsold by the 360 are the 360 fanboys themselves. They live a delusional life style and plug their ears when they are being told truths that do not reflect a positive future for their beloved Xbox 360. They are the worst of fanboys, plain and simple.

mastiffchild4245d ago

The fanfare given to the monthly NPD cicus has always puzzled me when none of the protasgonists, even in the States, use the same set of figures to give out! Judging what was actually happening at the coal face of invividual consolesales is nigh on impossible to get a handle on. The very best we punters can hope for is some vague ida of who's on the up when we take month over month figures for a four/five month stretch to negate short term deals and effects unbalancing everything.

Thing is, even then it's a rough guide, takes no consideration of replaced/refurbed consoles against new ones or even how many new ones are replacements or second room consoles for earlier adaptors. What hope do we have of more accurate figures for other(outside of Japan anyway)areas? The EU is so splintered that it's impossible to guage what's selling how much and where without taking the normal MS/Sony differences and effects into consideration.

What is obvious is that November had some curious effects working on the US 360 sales-amazing deals and those replacing banned units which surely DID make some difference to the month over month strides PS3 had made since the Slim and cut. these effects weren't worldwide so we could expect the relatively accepted sales trend towards PS3 continuing most places and accelerating in Japan due to FF13 adopters.

So, yeah, I think it's a no brainer that PS3 outsold 360 worlfwide in November and that dancing around with just the misleading NPD data was pretty pointless as it could never show much of the real picture even before all the other variables are worked in. So, the fact ios we just don't learn a lot from sales data and absolutely zilch from any one month in isolation and NEVER anything much we could call concrete and rely on as any form of truth.Seriously, the reason we had the crap with MS saying they utsold Sony and sony insisting the opposite was true in the EU this summer was purely because we have no way of pinning them as liars with the current ways of collating our sales data-they have a license to spin, twist and cajole the numbers however they like-and they DO like!

So, yeah, the sales info is very vague at best and the chest beating, one eyed NPD results are VERY annoying to me and U just wish everyone would see them in their real light as unreliable, short sighted and one dimensional irrelevances. Seriously, I fail to believe the number of arguments supported and fuelled by these nymbers. It's staggering.

rezenu4245d ago

C'mon, you know journalism these days. They *never* report the real facts. And then the ones that do are shunned and laughed at.

sparta764245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Both consoles did great in nov..
360 sold a little more, and am sure every body knows why.
M$ had a LOT of great deals last month + all the banned 360. They did everything
they could to win nov and outsold PS3 by only 100,000.
I just want PS3 to catch up to the 360... Why?
More hardware sold= more software we get!!!

Edit; ok maybe one more reason; to shut the fanboys up.......

JokesOnYou4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Nobody is saying US=World....why do you guys get so upset that Americans are NOT focused on whats selling in Norway? The fact that NPD is only American numbers means that those articles are focusing on whats happening in America.....Does Germany care what were playing or buying in America today?, NO! not unless it has something to do with a German company or product thus making them money. I've been to Japan, they report 90% Japanese news only, I'm sure most countries are similiar but you fanboys come here on US news and cry cause we are talking about how well X brand sold vs Y brand in the US....and once again you kids are crying AS IF WE ARE PURPOSELY IGNORING there is a valid source like Media Create or NPD that consistently reports sales data for Euro. I guess the world isn't happy unless they can blame the US for everything. Cry some more.

This site doesn't have a clue about the numbers, first of all even vgcharts only had ps3 worldwide ahead by 215k last I saw that was including Japan, and also vg chartz at that time was predicting ps3 ahead in the US for Nov so who knows. I like how any numbers positive for 360 is rounded down, while ps3 numbers are always rounded up. This site doesn't have a clue what the sales are, all we know is:

US +110k= 360
Japan +140k= PS3

WW= +30k for PS3, no other official data, Chartrack GFK, and all companies usually releases holiday sales after Christmas.

That's it, and most retailers, news is saying 360 is selling alot better in the UK, but who knows really?


Guido4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Even minutes after me writing what I did there is still somebody there to say the 360 outsold the PS3. The facts are this, the shores of North America are not the ends of the world, PS3 outsold the 360 worldwide and has done so for the past three years running, and last but not least, the media is bias.

mint royale4245d ago

Vgchartz figues.

Well at least I beleive them.
And i'm almost certainly right.

Well done PS3!

4245d ago
siyrobbo4245d ago


i stopped reading after i saw that

4245d ago
Skip_Bayless4245d ago

I don't think the Wii should be considered in the console race becase it's not even following the same cycle has 360 and PS3. I think Nintendo will release new system soon and it will be atleast 3 years before the next xbox or ps comes out. PS3 will tie 360 within 18 months.

monkeybizz4245d ago

Actually "chart track" does track all UK sales numbers. They just do not allow numbers to be published, most games journalist sites will get these details but again they can only comment and not print the figures. Just thought i would celar that up.

Skip_Bayless4245d ago

So... no source is 100% accurate. NPD doesn't take in account of Amazon and Walmart sales. All I care about is ball park numbers and when they say 500,000 unit lead you can take or leave 100,000 units because of course 500,000 isn't totally accurate, but it is ball park.

Xeoset4245d ago

It's funny how they're only reliable when it suits the PS3 fanboys.

Didn't they also predict that the PS3 outsold the 360 in Novembers NPD and it turned out it was actually the reverse?

I'll take this with a grain of salt.

DaTruth4245d ago

The problem with November was not the world wide sales, but the fact that PS3 owners were making a big deal about the thrashing 360 was gonna take in the NPD data... and then we had to eat humble pie.

Whether it was due to 360 banning or whatever deals, it still happened!

But 1 million repeat customers that add nothing to your installed base is nothing to jump up and down about; Especially when those people are known for not purchasing games

commodore644245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

I find it disturbing to see the author of this article (Thomas Pain - a 'guest writer) fail to support his very controversial assertions with ANY kind of evidence.

Outside of the official Media create and NPD reports, Thomas Pain asserts to accurately know the numbers that each company sold in Europe and, incredibly, in regions outside of Europe?

Incredibly, Thomas Pain ridicules other industry analysts for "copy/pasting the same articles off their RSS reader", yet he himself does nought to provide links, evidence and statistics. The best he can do in the interest of providing evidence, it seems, is vaguely refer to "accessible statistics & available reports"

We have accurate numbers for NA and Japan, Mr Pain.

Where are the accurate numbers for Europe, Mr Pain?
Where are the accurate numbers for countries outside of Europe, NA and Japan, Mr Pain?

In which "accessible statistics & available reports" do we find these crucial accurate numbers that you referenced and published, Mr Pain?

Am I right in guessing that Mr Pain used numbers published on Vgchartz, which conveniently suited his purpose, for this particular article? Or did he make them up?
Dear oh dear!

Thomas Pain has shown us all the worst possible kind of journalism.
He has pointed out the flaws of others, while exhibiting those same flaws himself. He has made assumptions and spread half-truths, without showing ANY credible evidence.

My guess is, the article was easier to get published that way.
Pure fanboy fodder.

MNicholas4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

Wii: 56.6M
PS3: 26.1M
360: 22.5M

Average Annual sales

Wii: 19.4M/year
PS3: 9.2M/year
360: 8.5M/year

2009 (up to last week)

Wii: 16.0M
PS3: 9.6M (55% of HD console sales)
360: 8.0M (45% of HD consoles sales)

2009 vs 2008 (same period)

Wii: -20%
PS3: +15%
360: -5%

Mr_Bun4245d ago

You have a point with the EU numbers, however; the point of this article was to show that the media took the sales from 1 territory (in which the 360 had sold more) and made it sound like they had sold more worldwide when the only other 'accurate' data we have (Media Create) shows that Japan's PS3 lead, alone, outweighed North America.

StanLee4245d ago

Let's see; TheSixthAxis + VGChartz = Fail. Yeah, that seems about right.

mint royale4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )


I agree that it is very funny that some ridiculous sony fans are claiming here lies the truth and anyone who doesn't believe the article is an xbox fundamentalist when in fact this is another trash article written for fanboys.

However do you not agree that it is almost certain that the ps3 outsold the 360 worldwide in november?

@m nicholas

Those figures just confirm the domination that the wii has had in the market. If the ps3 is the 3rd fastest selling console of all time then the wii......... my god.

Just to be clear i'd rather use the worldwide figures. However the article uses vgchartz own figures not third party. The only 3rd party figures that vgchartz use are the media create ones for Japan. I happen to trust vgchartz to give ballpark figures. However if you claim you trust the numbers in this article and then on another day pour scorn on vgchartz figures then you are being a hypocrite.

Guido4245d ago

What's worse, the use of only North American numbers from NPD or the use of all numbers from around the world? I know the site uses VG charts but the numbers from VG are from other sales tracking companies that are actually reputable. The numbers used are not the VG predictions. They are numbers that were reported by a third party source so what is worse, the use of the only company that shows the 360 in favor or the compilation of chart tracking companies that show the PS3 in favor? I guess if I had my pick, and I do, I would say the compilation is better since it shows the broad spectrum and not the narrow minded spectrum so convenient to the Xbox crowd...

commodore644245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

@ Mint.

Here's the problem, Mint.

NA 360 +110k
Japan PS3 +140k
Europe ???
ROW ???

The numbers for Europe are unknown.
The numbers for ROW (australia, asia, africa, middle east, india) are unknown.

Based on NA and Japan, the balance is about equal
It is entirely possible that the ps3 outsold the 360.
However, the reverse may also be true, as we simply do not know how the 360 and ps3 have sold in those 'other' regions.
How did they fare in Australia, for example?

If i were to make a guess, I'd agree with you and say that the ps3 probably outsold the 360 worldwide in November.

However, claiming a 500k is outlandish, unsubstantiated fanboyism and that BS needs to be called out, as I did above.

We have far too much of that on n4g, anyway.

callahan094245d ago

The PS3 will have a tough time this holiday in the United States because, as I said before (and was mysteriously met with a ton of disagrees), the Xbox 360 permeates the U.S. culture. I watch a lot of TV I am not ashamed to admit, and while the PS3 has been running more commercials lately than they did in the past, you absolutely NEVER see it in terms of subliminal marketing on TV programs. In the past couple of weeks alone I've seen countless TV shows where characters talk about Xbox 360, wanting to go home and play it, wanting one for Christmas, actually playing it on screen, etc. Last night on The New Adventures of Old Christine they mentioned Xbox 360 literally over a dozen times. You never see the PS3 mentioned by fictional characters in TV, commercials, and movies, but you constantly see the 360 mentioned. It's just one of those things that's become "regular" in North America. When people talk about videogames in pop-culture, they talk about Xbox 360, and because of that people just perceive of the Xbox 360 as the cool way to go. They don't care about feature-for-feature comparisons, price comparisons, game comparisons, they just know that the 360 must be the cool thing to have because they always hear it being talked about. So that's what they want.

Bigpappy4245d ago

VGCharts LTD has been around for a while, but journalist can not quote them because they do no actually count the games. They estimate. My point is to say that PS3 did not sell more World wide, it is to point out that the numbers given are not official and could be close or very far off.

Wrathman4245d ago

im still waiting on a credible source for the sales numbers in europe.and frankly a sony website saying the ps3 sold more in just frankly,,,meh

mint royale4245d ago


Agreed that we can't get absolute accurate worldwide figures at the moment.

However the quarterly statistics given by the 3 companies will show how many consoles have been sold to retailers at least. These are true and accurate figures. I guess we will just have to wait.

(Eagerly anticipating the wii to outsell the NES anytime now)

IdleLeeSiuLung4245d ago

It's because people like to focus on the big guy. Sony used to be the big guy so anytime MS sells more than Sony, it is a big fanfare. Same with articles about how Xbox Live Gold isn't worth it compared to PSN and how they are equal without the cost. It's because Live is the most popular and thus the target.

I think the point to take is that Xbox brand is so much stronger now than it used to be. People used to laugh at it and you got to admit a price cut, re-design and the release of FF13 only netted them a 250k lead in Japan. Respectable, but just a temporarily jump.

It seems Sony and MS is destined to fight for second place without a clear winner and frankly, that is how I prefer it. Competition is ohhh sooo good for the hardcore user base. Just look at how Sony and MS has forced themselves to lower the price of their consoles!

StanLee4245d ago

I saw that Old Christine episode. It was funny as hell when the kid named the baby XBox 360. Chick's face was priceless. I totally agree with what you're saying.

elpresador4245d ago

....when the reported number has always been about 600,000? I've never once read an article that claimed 1 mil but poeple who are using that as a reason for the sales lead in november always say 1 mil. I mean if it were 900k or a bit more i could see rounding it up but rounding it up based on 400k? Thats just fracking retarded.

pegger244245d ago

the sarcastic comments about "but I thought the us = the world" have got to stop. No one here thinks the US = the world. What some of you may not understand is that the US is the largest gaming market. The US may not be the only gaming market, but I promise you that if a console does not do well here it will not survive. Lucky for all of us 800000+ consoles vs. 700000+ consoles means both are doing just fine and we should all reap the benefits of games for years to come. Arguing over sales figures is so stupid.

OSIRUSSS4245d ago

"The New Adventures of Old Christine"!!!!! Huh I don't think think the viewers of that piece of Sh*t show buy Consoles. But if they do, I certainly hope those people buy a 360.Since I only own a PS3 those people would be worse than the Casuals that already by consoles.

PS3Freak4245d ago

All those comments about "us = the world" are completely warranted. That is how alot of people in America think(not saying everyone does, but there is a substantial amount), like it, or not.

KingME4245d ago

The thing I find most interesting about this articles is that some ridiculous fan boy is loosing so much sleep of those dumb A$$ November sales numbers that he felt compelled to even write the article to start with.

I mean, how pitiful must your life have to be to be still beating this dead horse. Last time I checked (And I did check) Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo was NOT paying fanboys to keep track of the sales numbers, they weren't even sending thank you emails.

All this article is going to do is set the fanboys into a frinzy (because that's what they do) and produce hits for this guy's website. I mean, the guys used vgchart numbers to try and make a factual point, and the fanboys are onboard with him because his point matches what they want to hear. The sad thing is that those same fanboys will be discrediting vgchartz numbers next week, next month, whenever.

Who cares what the numbers are, the bottom line is that all three consoles are doing well, the gaming community is doing well, we ALL have great games to play. I am getting myself a PS3 for Christmas to set in the same room with my Wii and 360 because I want the best that each console has to offer. I'm not going miss out on PS3 games over some dumbass console war that is only being fought by the fanboys in the trenches. Hell Microsoft and Sony work better together that their fanboys and the companys are the ones with everything to loose.

I don't know, it's just all getting old.

DaTruth4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

The quarterly statistics given by the 3 companies will not show how many consoles were sold to retail! Two will show how many were sold through to consumers and one will show how many were stuffed in the channel... err, sold to retail!

And yes, they will be accurate.

@KINGME: Making lots of money off of hits =/= having no life! He will drive his Escalade out after this and pop Christel with his homies and have relations with many women!

*leaves to create flamebait blog for purposes of getting hits money*

@Callahan09: The sad part is that Microsoft probably paid them to do that episode. Rarely does product placement happen for free!

eagle214245d ago

PS3 doesn't need a crappy kid's show to help it sell. Adults buy PS3 and more tweens buy 360. 360 should be selling more at $199, yet it took Walmart making 360 $99 (a week in Nov.) to help against MASSIVE PS3 demand at $299 and $349. :)

Darkstorn4245d ago

Yeah, I think we all know that Europeans are much smarter consumers than Americans. Europeans know that the 360 is garbage.

aaronisbla4245d ago

The New Adventures of Old Christine is a sitcom, not a kid's show.... just sayin...

Guido4245d ago

Sorry bud, but you might want to rethink what you posted. As far as Xbox 360 goes, the largest portion of sales do not come from North America but from the rest of the world. If you break it down then sure, they hold the lion share but the world, every other country outside of the NPD numbers sells more than North America and so your idea that without North America, there would be no Xbox is just plain silly. There have been other consoles in the past that did not do well despite certain regions and yet went on to sell for their life span.

On that note, the reason the Xbox will not do as well as the Wii or the PS3 is because it cannot secure a place in Japan and many other regions. It might be strong in North America but in the end, the consoles that sell a well rounded amount in all regions typically end the generation with strong numbers.

pegger244245d ago


I never said without the US there would be no xbox, you kind of made a leap there. What I said was that the US is the largest gaming market in the world, like it or not, and success here, whether it be mild or huge, is necessary for survival. I wasn't saying that the rest of the world does not matter, but that as a rule, success in the US is necessary for sustained growth. Whether you like it or not, I think that the big three would agree with me.

@ps3freak - it is called ethnocentricity and all cultures are guilty of it. It isn't just the US fella. Every person in the world, whether they admit it or not, cares more about what is going on in their backyard than what is going on in their neighbors. But we can agree to disagree there if you would like

HardcoreGamer4245d ago


What's your most anticipated game of the year?
Assassin's Creed II 1,636 16.39%
Left 4 Dead 2 491 4.92%
Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks 490 4.91%
Modern Warfare 2 3,088 30.93%
New Super Mario Bros Wii 1,980 19.83%
Other 2,299 23.03%

NO UNCHARTED 2?????? SIGH !!!!

PS3Freak4245d ago

That may be true, but Americans seem to do it with a hint of arrogance, that makes you forget about everyone else.

Tavaras4245d ago

I swear you guys care wayyyy too much about this. I've been playing games since the 2600 days and was once proud to call myself a gamer, but if this is what the gaming community has become, I am ashamed and saddened to what has happened to us. Sony and Microsoft don't give a rat's ass about any of us... at the end of the day the CEO's jump into their 100,000 dollar cars and forget about all you ding bats who fight each other over "console supremacy." I figure a site called "News 4 Gamers" would be right up my alley, but I tend to get disgusted everytime I come here. No... I don't care what the dude in Japan or Britain bought. I've been to Japan, and let me tell you, there tastes in games are a hell of alot different than what we traditionally like to play here. Believe me, they don't care what we play. The US market is THE market to have right now... The game industry in Japan is not doing so well now... Sony would give up the Japanese market for the largest piece of the American market in a heart beat. Nintendo has it right, They cater to us Americans and have been awarded for it. You people don't understand... This whole "console war" mess is already over, Nintendo won! Can we start talking about the things we all play these damn consoles for in the first place... The games! And all the great experiences each and every one of you should be having playing all the great games on every system. Some of you need to have your "Gamer Card" revoked, for real!

pegger244245d ago

I guess I can see that, but I believe that is a small minority that are used as examples by many. Like everyone else, I hate being painted with a broad brush like that. I am American, I do not believe that makes me the center of the universe and I think there are more Americans like me than like the ones you describe. But we may have to agree to disagree on that.

PS3Freak4245d ago

I agree that the majority of Americans are not like that. Being Canadian, i have experienced enough Americans that are not arrogant, such as yourself. I think Americans should stop letting those people be on TV, it seems like that is all you see. I understand that completly because in Canada everyone you see on TV said "Aboot"/has that terrible accent(Only Newfoundlanders talk like that and they're barely Canadians).

zeeshan4245d ago

Sadly there are people in this world that believe that US = DA WORLD!!!!

mega BIG time4245d ago

Does it make you more of a gamer to argue over the strength of your console's sales figures? I must not be much of a gamer cus my favorite console only sold 10mil for its lifetime.

For the life of me i can't understand why it hurts some of you on such a personal level when the 'other' console is selling better. Even by a small margin. I've noticed a lot bashing comes from the PS3-only owners. I don't know why either. PS3's are amazing! You guys have nothing to prove, honest! ;)

morganfell4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

NPD tracks Amazon. The idea that they do not is two years old. In late 2007 they dropped Toys R Us and picked up Amazon. If certain individuals would actually do research instead of quoting articles from 2 years ago they would know this.

"In any given year, we typically add a few retailers and lose one or two. This year both the adds (e.g. and the losses (Toys R Us) were a bit larger than usual, but overall our market coverage has not changed very much compared to last year. Also, since the retailers we've added are actually increasing in importance and share, we feel that our data accuracy may improve rather than deteriorate due to these changes." - Martin Zagorsek, Vice President, Games & Software at The NPD Group

BWS19824245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

I think *I* personally know I'm much smarter than some bigoted elitist who says crap like this with blanket statements:

"Yeah, I think we all know that Europeans are much smarter consumers than Americans. Europeans know that the 360 is garbage. "

You fail. Go spray hate juice on somewhere else, and don't lump people in, you're exhibiting the same arrogance Americans are labeled as exhibiting. Way to disprove a "cause"....

Only time I'll lump you in is with every other pompous person I've ever met in my life who thinks being in a "category" inherently makes them superior.

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stonecold14245d ago

the ps3 doing pretty well here in australia and newzealand and has outsold hte 360 here

sikbeta4245d ago

I saw the Great Deal Australia have with the Sony Bravia + PS3, but I was like OMG! when I watched the PS3 smashing to a Bravia Commercial

Drop a Tear XP

Nathan Drake24245d ago

i think the mods will erase this article ASAP because they don't like the truth.

sikbeta4245d ago

Yep, pretty much this article is gonna be erased

Sez 4245d ago

"A quick look at VGCharts LTD data for" i stopped reading after that. source VG chartz. only reliable when X console is outselling Y console.

Mr_Bun4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

You don't need VG chartz to see that the PS3 outsold the 360 WW in November, yet where are all those articles?

Morbid Bulldozer4245d ago

"You don't need VG chartz to see that the PS3 outsold the 360 WW in November"

Yes, all you need is data that nobody has, because worldwide sales are not tracked in any reliable way. Or you could just put your fanboy goggles on.

Parapraxis4245d ago

Well Morbid Bulldozer, Japanese figures are tracked, and that alone puts the PS3 ahead of 360. And since you say that no other figures are reported accurately, I suppose you'll have to contest that PS3 sold more in November.

Mr_Bun4245d ago (Edited 4245d ago )

It might be time you take yours off.

It sounds as though you are implying that the only accurate tracking group (which doesn't track Walmart-believed to sell the most video games) is NPD


silvacrest4245d ago

we need VG chartz for the areas that are not covered

Morbid Bulldozer4245d ago

"Well Morbid Bulldozer, Japanese figures are tracked, and that alone puts the PS3 ahead of 360. And since you say that no other figures are reported accurately, I suppose you'll have to contest that PS3 sold more in November."

Nope, I don't know which console sold more. We have semi-accurate data for three biggest gaming markets (NA, UK, Japan - in this order), but the whole Europe and other regions are not tracked in any way worth mentioning. I'd guess that the WW sales figures are close enough to ensure that both Sony and MS stay in business and keep fighting for customers. I like it this way.

mint royale4245d ago


I wonder how long it will take the myth to go that Vgchartz is baised towards MS.

Good sales for the ps3 in november.