Jack Thompson on Manhunt2: It's a Training Device

Video game developers don't want people to have fun, they want them to kill.

This, according to Jack Thompson.

Thompson recently referred to the upcoming Manhunt 2 as a "training device," which presumes that the game was created with the intent to teach those who play it how to kill people

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SuperSaiyan44743d ago

If Jack Thompson believes these games cause violence and are 'training devices' then since he is the ONLY one that believes this who isnt to say that he could be influenced to kill and be evil since his mind only reacts that way to violent games?

I think more people are likely to have evil intentions over Jack Thompsons nonsense rather than picking up a game like this or GTA and going 'emmm now who to kill?'

Shooting games are fantasy you kill the characters on the screen no where does it say WHO to kill in the REAL WORLD although in this case JT comes to mind only because he is now seriously one annoying SOB.

UncleJaysus4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

The news article here is a bit bland and doesn't actually say who Jack apparently said this to.

Any chance of someone linking the original interview?

MK_Red4743d ago

The most disgusting creature on planet (Besides Paris Hilton) has spoken again and has bestowed upon us more of his dumbness. Sure Jack, Rockstar will also bundle list of their enemies and targets with Manhunt2 so when children are trained enough by it, they go and kill those targets for R* in real life. Someone please had the award of dumbest creature to Mr Thompson. Maybe he should spend some time with Paris Hilton in jail...

Loopy4743d ago

I'd spend time in Jail with Paris Hilton :D

Diselage4743d ago

This is old, please report as such.

Sphinx4743d ago

Wouldn't the developers of the game have to be killers to be able to truly train others to kill through a game they develop? I mean, I can train anyone to go fly fishing since I don't know how to.

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The story is too old to be commented.