Prince of Persia Coming to Arcade this Week

The countdown is on - the Princess has been stolen by the evil Vizier and you only have 60 minutes to rescue her, starting from 10am BST on Wednesday June 13! That's right, the game that single-handedly revolutionized videogame animations, Prince of Persia, is coming to Xbox Live Arcade - and it looks silkier than the Prince's pantaloons!

Like the sound of it? Here's a gameplay video too:

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Diselage4241d ago

I haven't gotten a Classic XBLA title for a while but this one i may consider.

Saint Sony4240d ago

Muahha, this is so cool. Gotta get this one :)

Diselage4240d ago

I wonder what kind of MP this is going to have if any.

Macdory4240d ago

At last a game I may actually buy ...

Not sure it compares to MarioKarts, Mario 64, Final Fantasy, etc that PS3 and Wii are getting, but it beats the hell out of another fooking pac-man game ...