Play Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker In English Right Now

Siliconera: Don't have Final Fantasy XIII yet? Don't worry! Konami will keep you busy with a fully localized Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker demo.

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ScubaSteve13853d ago

sigh what to do keep the Japanese demo or looks up google. create a hong kong account and plays demo to read in english

ISKREEM3853d ago

Or you can wait a couple of hours until the US PlayStation store updates later this evening, and hope that it'll be there?

DopyG3853d ago

ALready up on european PSN!

ISKREEM3853d ago

Thanks for the heads-up! I wouldn't have guessed this early.

Yi-Long3853d ago

... with english subs.

Not interested in dubbed games.

chrisius3853d ago

Snake's voice (David Hayter) is one of the most epic in gaming. So I don't think Metal Gear counts towards your theory in that respect