Church of England demands Sony donation for cathedral shoot-out game

The Church of England on Sunday asked entertainment giant Sony to apologise and contribute a large donation for featuring a prominent British cathedral in a violent video game.

Church officials had earlier accused Sony of using the historic interior of Manchester Cathedral, where memorials for gun crime victims have been held, as the backdrop for parts of the new Playstation 3 game, "Resistance: Fall of Man" without permission.

David Marshall, the cathedral's spokesman, said the church had received many e-mails supporting its stance and added that officials were set to meet Monday to discuss further action against Sony.

During that meeting, they will decide on the details of a letter to be written to Sony with four demands, including a demand for an apology and a substantial donation from the game's profits as Sony did not pay a commercial fee to use the cathedral as a backdrop, and because of the game's inappropriate nature.

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drtysouf214744d ago

agree with that.(looks at sky ready to dodge lightning bolt) I've played through this game many times and this is the first time i even associated it the cathedral so in a sense this whole issue is making people aware of it when most probably would not have noticed. And i think they are making a big deal out of something thats not realistic. (glances at sky one more time) k i'm safe.

Texas GMR4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

If it's a public place, then tough, you shouldn't get anything. Is every place, city, state, and country going to ask for money everytime they're in a game? That's stupid! Sony should tell them to stick it! If they give into this crap, game developers are going to have some issues.

In that case, I really feel sorry for the developers of the new Grand Theft Auto coming out. Can you imagine if every building shown in the game asked for a "donation"?

Rythrine4744d ago

If that happens, it's goodbye Rockstar lolz.

Phlapp4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

This made my blood boil! I heard this on BBC Radio 4 news and there was some VERY lazy journalism. Manchester has seen lots of gun crime lately and the report said that "this game contains violence where people shoot 'attackers' in the Cathedral!" there was not one single mention that you shoot ALIENS! leading many people to believe that you shoot other people or gang members, which anyone who knows Resistance just isn't about that.

What REALLY got me going was the Church Official absolutely slating Sony for this, saying he couldn't believe how Sony could make money out of such a subject, AND THEN demand that Sony give his cause lots of money? Now there is Hypocrisy in it's truest form!

artman4743d ago

is not something you asked for, and talking about giving from the heart.
that's just asking for ransom.
I believe in Christ... but for sure this is not the way.
I smell about MS or fanboy behind this lol
who cares~

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FFVIIFan4744d ago

that if they took such offense to the game they wouldn't want money earned by it.

Lord Anubis4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

Well as a catholic I don't think is right for the church to ask for money, it should be Sony's will to donate the money. This is very complicated. The whole affair is complicated :(

the church says that any donation has to be given by heart, the english church is trying to force that :(

MySwordIsHeavenly4744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

I'm not a Catholic, but I'm still a follower of Christ. We're both Christians, I'm just Protestant.

I agree though...they shouldn't make Sony donate money. Tithe isn't JUST to give to God, but it's to receive from God. So, if Ken Kutaragi becomes a Christian and gives ten percent...then, Sony would reap the benefits. That's just how God works.

Don't believe me?

"Then, you are lost!"
~obi wan

Bladestar - Religion is a pretty broad term. You wanna sum it up for the viewers at home? Christianity isn't about being a hypocrit, taking money from people, or war. That's just what the media and your teachers tell you. Maybe if a lot of the gamers/youth on these forums would look into Christianity, they would see that what this church is doing is wrong and that there's more proof of God than they could ever imagine. I'm not putting this all on you, I just think it's the general concensus from the people on here. Honestly, if you look into Christianity, you will find that every piece fits and everything the Bible says is true. If you want answers to life, LOOK FOR YOURSELF!!! That's why people like Jack Thompson get OWNED all the time...they never have any PROOF!

@lordanubis - you win some, you lose some. most people think Christianity is against a lot of video games. I'm part of a group of Christian gamers that freakin' love to OWN!!!

WilliamRLBaker4744d ago

you must have access to gods secret words...every thing fits and every thing im christian and even i can recognize the bible is flawed filled with contridictions, has been edited to hell and mistranslated often....thats the problem with christians nowadays they've deified the bible and wraped it in sackcloth and linen like its god....

as for the news story the church has no right to demand a donation, sony went through every channel to get permission and the bible has 100x more sex, and violence as resistance, and christianity as a whole is built upon a much larger scope then peace and love ita built on death, justice, and violence to looking down on anyone for a violent game like the catholics are doing when your church is responsible for some of the most deplorable and heinus acts commited in the name of christ in the past 1500 years is hypocritical.

asking for money for forgivenese of sins is wrong and is one of the reasons for St. luther leaving and the protestant church being created because all tithing did was currupt the catholic church further.

brought to you on a Wii.

BIadestarX4744d ago

Donation!? LOL. I don't mean to offend anyone... but religion today is all about money. Shame on them.

Besides... this bring another meaning to the word donation.. doesnt.

kingofps34744d ago (Edited 4744d ago )

1) A demand for an apology. (That's only necessary if Sony [Insomniac] hasn't actually sought and received all permissions necessary for the creation of the game).

2) A substantial donation from the game's profits (Ok, if Sony did not pay a commercial fee to use the cathedral as a backdrop, yeah then maybe a little bit. Ok, problem... they want a "substantial" amount).

3) Withdrawal of the game entirely, or modifying the section with the cathedral's interior. (HAhahHAhhahahA NO WAY)

4)The church also wants Sony to support other groups in Manchester trying to reduce gun crime. (?)

I think the The Church of England is taking this too far. What do you guys think?

Dr Pepper4744d ago

There is no doubt they are taking it to far. Pull the PS3s best selling game of the shelves? they can't really believe that will happen.
I also don't know what's up with trying to reduce gun crime. The two issues are completely separate matters (and in no way is it Sony's fault/responsibility, at least imo).

Circa244744d ago

2) A substantial donation from the game's profits (Ok, if Sony did not pay a commercial fee to use the cathedral as a backdrop, yeah then maybe a little bit. Ok, problem... they want a "substantial" amount).

I don't remember, but is this referred to as "THE" Cathedral in Manchester, or "A". Because last I recall, it didn't name the Cathedral or anything of that matter. Like someone said before, this is like New York suing Rockstar over Liberty City Stories.

And Dr. P, I couldn't agree more with your gun crime comment. It has nothing at all to do with this. I have lost so much respect for the Church of England.

They should be absolutely ashamed.

macalatus4744d ago

The oddest thing about Europeans is that they are very open about sexuality but yet very sensitive about violence.

No wonder Islamic jihadists are gaining strength in Europe. To the jihadists, Europeans=easy pickings!

4744d ago
macalatus4744d ago

@ uberwleiss,
First of all, it think it WAS already obvious that my statement was originally directed toward us gun-lovin' Americans (I somehow forgot to include the "reverse" situation for us gun-lovin' Americans).

So you're right, ube..ubo..uver...ubervice...I' m just gonna call you Mr. Obvious...that we gun-lovin' Americans (especially the religious fundamentalist right) tolerate violence more so than sexuality. And no, Mr. Obvious, sex is okay. It is just that...we are descended (either biologically, spiritually, or both) from Puritan kick-outs from England. So, there.

4744d ago
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