TechAnise Reviews Halo 3 Beta

TechAnise takes a look at Halo 3 Beta. The article breaks down the game into several opinionated categories.

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SuperSaiyan44743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

Reviews a BETA?? Thats laughable so i'll laugh! HAHAHA

@2 you will eat those words I promise you...The game WILL look far better than what it does now.

chrno64743d ago

1) a blog
2) the "reviewer" is a xbox fan/fanboy had too many subjective opinions
3) The real game will not look much better than the beta. Seriously, of all the beta that I have played, I haven't seen one that has it grahpic impoved on the actual game. Time will tell

Rhezin4743d ago

that pen0r better get a better job before he pen0rs all over the place

tony4743d ago

is not a review , is a impressions of the beta.