Blog: Sony slaughter means killer sales

After the Goatgate scandal in March, where Sony featured a decapitated goat at the launch party for the game God of War 2, the latest incident, where allegedly an exact replica of Manchester Cathedral becomes the scene of a massacre of alien invaders, you'd think Sony was asking to have its games boycotted...

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VirtualGamer4243d ago

The games industry is just a victim of politically correct lobby groups.

DrPirate4243d ago

Another idiot news thread. GG

drtysouf214243d ago

Hmmm. It seems like alot of people like to go after sony.

Circa244243d ago

Indeed. All you have to put in your article is, "Wii is outselling PS3 5-to-1"

I can't remember how many times I've read that irrelevant piece of information in articles pertaining to something completely different.

ngg123454243d ago

It is stating that sony is doing this because the ps3 isn'tdoing well. RFOM came out before this, and has no problem at all about the game, except the fact that it was placed in Manchester in a church. This is another useless news thread and a reason why this site is horrible.

Clinton5144243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

I don't understand. :|

Xi4243d ago

that make the news and are frowned upon, give sony more publicity.

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