Playstation 3 June 11th Secret to be 1 of 3 Newly Revealed SOE Games?

The New York Times:
So today(June 11th), Sony Online intends to unveil its plan to retake leadership in online gaming by unveiling three new games in development. More broadly, the new games represent an attempt to broaden the company in four major ways: diversifying its business model, expanding the demographic profile of its customer base, moving into the console market in addition to making games for PCs and increasing its presence in Asia.

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DADO4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

It started as a rumor and ended up in the NYTIMES. WOW WOW WOW

The article states that Sony wants to hire more female workers, that might be connected with the layoffs.

drtysouf214734d ago


Caxtus7504734d ago

yeah I guess but the problem for me is its still just a game that is unproven to be any good. Shadow Run was hyped and all it was was another FPS. Same with Killzone...(only that was worse)

This is just an overhyped game that for me will do nothing until i see it let alone "change the face" of online gaming.

On a tangent but why was this approved because this is top of 360 news?!?? Ps3 channel only.

Silver3604734d ago

Scot Rubin should be proud. His AGI webcast has taken the web by storm. To bad no one remembers that is where the whole thing started. Oh well this afternoon at 3:30 pacifice time we can all find out what he was talking about when he started this.

snoop_dizzle4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

its something cool

But hey if it made it to the NY times, it must be pretty good.

Maybe they will also show a Killzone 2 walk through.

I believe they can make the game look like the trailer, i just need to see how it plays.

DADO4734d ago

That mens that Sony wants the publicity.

drtysouf214734d ago


snoop_dizzle4734d ago

that could be pretty cool

But maybe the Killzone 2 thing could be the card up their sleeve

UrbanJabroni4734d ago

Sony ONLINE entertainment...not Sony COMPUTER entertainment.

Kokoro4734d ago

So when will we get the news? I can't wait to hear it.

Hunnington Bear4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

i don't know if these games are really what sony needs to take back the online gaming industry...

SRuN44734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

how exactly was this hyped by sony? last time i checked someone with a podcast mentioned "sony", "big announcement", "a date" and "how xbox doesn't have it" in one sentence and we turned it into the monster it became.. didn't see a press release from sony talking about the announcement, so please show me a link if i'm wrong.

Hunnington Bear4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

don't get all mad. i never said it was being hyped by anyone. . all i'm saying is that it is being over hyped and this does not sound very interesting to me. i think it was an exageration to say that it will "retake leadership in online gaming" or whatever that dude said. if i read the article correct which i don't think i did it said a game aimed at little girls? what little girls are going to buy a ps3 for these games... that's what the ds if for nintendogs and stuff. as for the agency, i'm not sure how a mmo with spys and commandos will work,, maybe pretty cool. resistance is getting a little old now...

Hunnington Bear4734d ago

for whoever is disagreeing can you please explain why you disagree that a game for little girls will retake online gaming. i don't see the logic in it please tell me. and tell me if you personally will buy this game and pay the monthly subscription to buy horses and stuff when home is free.

SRuN44734d ago

did i ever say that the game was gonna change the world? no. so stop trying to spin this in your favor, and again.. please show me a link where Sony or any other Sony rep mentioned this big announcement. Like I said the hype was made by the net, some guy sees this future announcement and then goes on to talk about it and everyone else picked it up, please stop with the "this is sony hyping the announcement" stuff cause like i said, i have yet to see anything from them about this major announcement..

Hunnington Bear4734d ago

i never said sony was hyping man. i'm saying other people are hyping it. i'm not trying to spin it in my favor, i'm talking about my opinion. i wish the best for sony and i hope this is a success. and i agree with you saying sony didn't start the hype and i didn't continue to say that sony is hying it. if i did i'm sorry, just a misunderstanding. i edited the posts so it didn't say that. my appologies

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