Pure White Tendency Event confirmed for Demon's Souls

Atlus has confirmed that the Pure White Tendency Event will be happening in Demon's Souls after the winter solstice.

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Noctis Aftermath4242d ago

It's no DLC, but i will take what i can get.

WildArmed4241d ago

Aye. WWT is pretty gift for Christmas, since it aint not small task in attaining it.

Too bad I played my NG+++ in Soul form to get all worlds pure white. Now I dont need it anymore =/
Never the less, that plat was worth every minute of it.
Most fun I've had in awhile.

My most hated/challenging stage was 5-2. Ofc I could speed run it w/o fighting anything, but if i wanted to kill every damn giant golem in that stage.. oh boi was I in for a rough night.

unrealgamer584242d ago

lol i'll finally be able to kick ass

Myst4241d ago

Thought so. Sadly if I had not spent so much time offline getting the Pure White Tendency for each stage then this might have been helpful >_<

Sarick4241d ago

I just wish there was some way to protect my 100+ hours of play from my system failing. This is one of those games that I enjoyed but learned it was save data protected. To bad if my system messes up all that work will be lost. T.T

I'll set my worlds all white again if I get a chance and don't forget. I also hear a rumor that we could set all worlds to pure black simply setting the PS3 date to October 31 and loading up in single player.

I highly Doubt that trick works though.

riksweeney4241d ago

Setting the clock doesn't work, it must be a signal sent by the server.

TruEve4241d ago

This is a great way to enhance the post-release support for my favorite RPG of the year, but my PS3 is currently broken (YLoD). I fear that my save data will be lost forever... It happened days after I began new game + as well.

Man, I wish From Software would've just let players transfer saves! I hope everyone enjoys this and happy holidays...


PS. Speaking of post-release support, what do you guys think of DLC for this game? What if FS released (original) World 4, the land of the giants? Somehow the broken archstone is fixed and we could have 3 new levels to explore and conquer :). I'd happily pay $10 for that!

ClownBelt4241d ago

This is the best time for that author who wrote crap about this game to play the game.

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The story is too old to be commented.