Overlord on the PC lets you escape the console tax

Ben Kuchera of ArsTechnica writes:

"Frank and I are both in love with the Overlord demo, and he called the review. That means I have to play the game on my own time, which I'm more than happy to do. I looked up the price for the game, and suddenly I'm very glad I have the Opposable Thumbs gaming rig. The 360 version comes in at the expected $60, while the PC version is listed at EBGames with a $40 price tag. That's a $20 difference between the two versions."

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drtysouf214743d ago

for this on my 360 and i must say its really fun. I'm gonna have to pick this one up when its released.

eques judicii4743d ago

i'll gladly pay the console tax instead of buying a new computer and paying the PC tax.

razer4743d ago (Edited 4743d ago )

are being raped!! The only thing keeping me from switching to being a PC gamer is a newer graphics card.. If there is really going to be this big of a difference in pricing between PC games vs console.. screw all the consoles...

SuperSaiyan44743d ago

I dont think you quite understand.

PC games have never been getting the most out of any graphics card on the market because everyone has different hardware developers have to accomadate for the mass market.

With games consoles developers can keep getting more and more out of the console specs I mean look at the games on the PS3 and 360 can you honestly say that you can get those visuals on a PC costing around the same money? No.

The day you can get a PC with the same specs as next gen games console is the day I give up console gaming.

Sure console gamers can pay a higher price but you can easily find cheaper prices on games online on the many different gaming sites.

In order to run say Gears of war on high spec or say 360 specs you will need to have a PC cost around 3x the price of a premium 360.

But even then your PC hardware will again become obsolete and the next game to come out will again want you to upgrade to get the best out of the visuals. But with console gamers hardware developers can keep getting more and more out of it.


Console gamers have easily got the better deal this gen.

razer4742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

You bring up some good points. Since the 360 is running a DirectX 9 hybrid I would say you don't have to have the latest and greatest PC to compete with console graphics. I suppose my comment was more rhetorical(the going to PC part) since I already have a high powered PC and just need to upgrade my card to a DX10 compatible one. Add up a few games with the $20 price difference and that is the cost of a new graphics card.

Bubble for you and Oh yeah, this game is awesome!

Diselage4742d ago

You realize they haven't announced the price for Overlord on 360 yet right? They're not for sure it'll be 60.

Close_Second4743d ago

Environment graphics were ok (nothing special) but the main character animation was dire! Your character walks and moves as though he has no joints and he has a major wedgie!

I also didn't like the whole you're supposed to be evil but the entire demo felt light hearted.

Definitely a kids game!

Silver3604743d ago

Isn't that what video games are supposed to be? I mean why play if you are not having fun. It would be a waste of your time. I like the demo a lot I am buying this one. Gonna go kill some over weight halflings mwa mwa mwa

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