Samsung SyncMaster P2350 LCD Monitor Review

Benchmark Reviews: Desktop PCs have come to a point where your digital experience will be limited to the capability of your monitor. With high end Core 2 Duo CPUs and decent HD capable video cards priced around $100, there is no reason to be viewing the digital world on low resolution screens. If you are, then it is time to step up and upgrade to an HD Monitor. The question is: is the Samsung SyncMaster P2350 a worthy upgrade? Benchmark Review takes a look at this 23-inch LCD Widescreen monitor and see if it's a good buy.

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Longhart4242d ago (Edited 4242d ago )

i have the P2250 monitor its very good been using it more than 6 months with my PS3 its a wonderful monitor 10/10 btw the blue thingy that display energy star its a sticker