Big thoughts on the Big Daddy

There were all sorts of interesting theories, one theory purported that the Big Daddies are actually clones of Rick Moranis from Spaceballs, another stated that the Big Daddies are actually Big Sisters, and that all Little Sisters grow up to become Big Sisters. While there were a lot of interesting theories on exactly what is behind the mask one in particular really stood out above the rest.

"The things in the Big Daddy suits have completed the change, or are a probably a race that were found at the bottom of the sea (who's caverns we'll eventually have to trawl towards the last parts of the game) and who might have been spliced together with humans. The suits it seems to me are there to keep water in (so that they can breath with their gills) rather than to keep water out (and they do seem to leak when they're damaged)."

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Diselage4780d ago

This was originally brought up in the forums because i didn't think it should be a story but others thought differently so i posted it.

It seems the theory that is discussed...water tight. Perhaps with how well sealed this theory is it may be able to hold water for the final product.