Dubai & UAE Looking to Ban Spec Ops: The Line

Koku Gamer writes: "A representative from the UAE's National Media Council (NMC) has told newspaper The National that the game may well be heading for a ban in financially-crippled Dubai, the game's setting, plus the UAE – and the timing of the game's big reveal may be a factor."

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Ziriux4243d ago

Wow, in that case why not ban every other shooter.

A HiFi4243d ago

Well it's more to do with the timing of the financial problems Dubai is going through. I'm sure this would not be such a big story had Dubai not be $26 billion in debt and trying to rebuild its image. Playing in a Dubai that's being wrecked is not their idea of image rebuilding.

I think it's gonna be banned.

cb8104243d ago

They ban a lotta stuff in the UAE

A HiFi4243d ago

Somehow, I doubt this one will be sold under the table.

Ziriux4243d ago

Too bad they will not succeed at banning this.

TheDarkCynic4243d ago

I guess they just don't want the game drawing attention to their desperate state.

A HiFi4243d ago

I think they probably will succeed.