The Special Edition Video Game: Value or Ripoff? writes:

"There have always been editions of games released that are a bit rarer than others, which easily sets them apart from the others on the shelf at Gamestop or the webpages at Amazon, but what is so great about these special editions, setting them apart from the regular editions and why should we as gamers invest our hard earned money in them? In the past, there have been definitive special editions that have equated to must-haves. However, the interesting thing about the limited run of a certain game edition is that there is no reason or rhyme necessarily to why it gets purchased."

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Relientk774248d ago

99.99% of the time its a rip-off

Pandamobile4248d ago

Pay $70 extra for a pair of $12 night vision goggles. Rip off.

LaurenKB1234248d ago

I have to agree, except for the Uncharted 2 SE which was hard to get and included awesome stuff, same with Bioshock 1 - good deals, usually not!

UltimaEnder4248d ago

Nice write up, on one hand I like that publishers attempt to do a SE but it seems as though it's become common practice, and some are not even SE - just junk thrown on top to charge more money.....

Anyone remember the Assassin's Creed SE - with tiny figurine that was supposed to be large and in charge, what a joke!