List 100+ Upcoming Exclusives For PS3

List of upcoming exclusives for sony's ps3. There are a few mistakes but it took this guy alot of work to make this list.

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consolecrusader4742d ago

Definitely a hot list. I can't wait!

deeplies4742d ago

remember it is Sony Ps3
Wait Beyond

CrazzyMan4742d ago

Forza 2 - Delayed
Too Human - Delayed
Mass Effect - Delayed
Bioshock - Delayed
Blue Dragon - Delayed
Fable 2 - Delayed
VF5 - Delayed
DoA4 - Delayed
Two Worlds - Delayed
Haze - Delayed

p.s. bubbles anyone? thnx. =]

kingofps34742d ago (Edited 4742d ago )

@ CrazzyMan

Here, I gave you a bubble. F*ck Xi.

Why o why4742d ago

but after reading a few of your posts i can see why bots poped your s++its. ef em

JasonPC360PS3Wii4741d ago

You have "NO" choice but to wait and how much longer do you think you will be waiting on some of those? Don't you guys think you sould "hell I don't know" worry about getting at least one game "period" or some ports that work right? Marty Mcfly in Back to Future always wanted go "back to the future" but that was just a movie, you know "made up, make believe or fiction" Whats the here and now? Whats proven? Whats outselling? and Which one has games that so far look and play (30-60fps)better? "Wait" I don't need to "wait" I'm just going to my front room and start not "waiting B3YOND"

XxZxX4741d ago

xi, what a coincidence, i gave you a -1 too.

Lan_EVO_44741d ago

Here, have fun with your Bubble:-)

JasonPC360PS3Wii4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

PS3 = Everything delayed and always "waiting" in the future (LOL funniest sh!t ever)

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drtysouf214742d ago

thats a nice list! PS3 future is looking great!

CrazzyMan4742d ago

yeah, with so many exclusives, ps3 won`t be able to fail. =)
every true gamer soon or later will buy ps3. =]

deeplies4742d ago

wake me up when Sony actually delivers.

consolecrusader4742d ago

The 2 who reported this had no merit for doing so, the poster on that forum is very creditable and it even has links to the sites, get off the high horse 360 bots.

tonsoffun4741d ago

As I said, I stand by the fact that this article has decended into a 'my console is better than your console'
p!ssing contest from the fanboys and thus decended into a flamewar

Also the poster in the forums freely admits it was cut and pasted from another forum and from what I see does not show where he cut if from, so the source isn't actually the original poster.

There may be contributers that will freely approve blatant flamebait stories from blatant fanboys but I will not, it is just a pity that this sort of thing is occuring.

jwatt4742d ago

But what happen to Heavey Rain, The Agency, and Folklore?

VirtualGamer4742d ago

Sony Online Mercenary / Spy MMO [Untitled] = The Agency

Monster Kingdom = Folklore

Heavy Rain is not a PS3 exclusive.