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AP4243d ago

Sign me up! Hope it's a big improvement over 11.

JhawkFootball064243d ago

just signed up, happy that I signed up early

rob60214243d ago

-Tester selection will be based solely upon the content of applications. Selected individuals will be contacted via e-mail.
* Priority will not be given to applications based on order of submission.

So getting in early doesn't mean anything.

GameGambits4243d ago

If you are a current FFXI player and have your ID it's like a free YES to getting in. They want XI players on this beast ASAP lol.

Lucky me I've been a player of XI for 6 years, so hopefully it will increase my odds. :)

Reibooi4243d ago

I signed up and I'm wondering when they are actually gonna start it. I would imagine it's soon if they are accepting applications. Now the only issue is finding out if my PC will run the game. I don't really care if I can run it at max specs. As I will probably be playing the final release on PS3 but I would like to check it out before it comes out.

PS360WII4243d ago

Well Reibooi the best part is if we don't get in the PC beta we can try again for the PS3 beta ;)

Reibooi4243d ago


I'm not so sure we can. It says that you cannot apply twice for any reason or it will invalidate your previous application. So I don't know how you would be able to play the PS3 version until it became public which might not be for quite awhile.

Maybe the Beta code they send will work on both PC and PS3(once they start allowing PS3 users to beta test).

I guess we just have to wait and see.

meepmoopmeep4243d ago

yeah, there's a ps3 one.

it asks if you which platform you want to test.

4 hrs ago, lol, i still got mine in though, guess i deserve that not being here all the time

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PS360WII4243d ago

Yup filled out. Please let me in!

densai4243d ago

as expected no beta for ps3, fu square

Danja4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

does it really matters doesnt everyone have a PC ???


yeah true im sure they will have a PS3 version later down , hopefully this is better than XI

doctorstrange4243d ago

And I'm sure they'll have a PS3 one later down the line

AP4243d ago

True, but a lot of people don't have time for graphics cards and stuff... they'd rather just download and go. I'm sure they'll do a PS3 beta later on, though...

chaosatom4243d ago

I'll get the beta when ps3 beta comes by. I am in no hurry.

NegativeCreepWA4243d ago

Danja not everyone has PC that can run newer games, Hell my laptop can run WoW, but it cant run any of the expansions for it.

To the original poster did you really think the PS3 beta would start at the same time?

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densai4243d ago

another ff exclusive you say? thats right bots

tdrules4243d ago

pc exclusive beta you say

AP4243d ago

Hahaha. Telling square FU in one side, trolling Xbox in the other... deary me. Is this what it's come to?

densai4243d ago

the ps3 may be lacking the beta but the xbox is lacking the game

tdrules4243d ago

im pretty sure the ps3 HAS NO GAEMS.
kidding, I love my PS3
your trolling skills are bad.

Ninji4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

If the game is on PS3 "AND" PC then it's not exclusive.

Hellsvacancy4243d ago

But if its on the 360 and PC it is deemed "exclusive"

PS360WII4243d ago

well that's cuz they are both for MS but now we're talk semantics ;)

In the end FFXIV will be played by me and hopefully a whole lot of other people!

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Nitrowolf24243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

This is for PC only at the time it does say that the PS3 one will be release later

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