The first 10 minutes: Colin McRae: DiRT

The embargo around DiRT is finally lifted, so Xboxyde releases three gameplay videos of it.

"You'll discover quite a lot of environments and a few game modes in there, and no doubt the majority will agree that this is a great looking game even if there is a lot of tearing and slowdowns in some modes. As for the gameplay, I guess you all tried the demo so you already know how strange the handling can be at time. DiRT sometimes feels like a simulation, sometimes like an arcade game and sometimes like a big 'WTF is going on?', very difficult to describe."

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smart_head4742d ago

Is it just me or are the bushes really cutting through the bonnet. That's a major technical issue. Hopefully Codemasters will iron it out before release, unless the game has gone gold already :S

FCOLitsjustagame4742d ago

Is that track with the Ferris wheel supposed to be the same one in forza? I know it’s a real world track since if you watch the credits from Forza it shows people standing on it so I am wondering if this is Dirt's depiction of it.

Also the demo was missing the direcions guy.

InMyOpinion4742d ago

It seems impossible to do powerslides in this game. And it's supposed to be a rally game...The cars behave like if they were made out of tin foil. Good graphics and all, but it isn't fun to play.

KA-BAR4742d ago

You have got to be sh***ing me!, that co-driver voice is total crap!!!
What ever happened to the one from the other C.M. games? You know, the one with the English accent, the one that sounded HUMAN and not like a robot from a 1950's B rate sci-fi movie!!!!!!!!

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