PS3 Gamer Tags

The site is fairly new and its still marked as a beta but it lets you create a brief Ps3 gamer tag.

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consolecrusader4741d ago

Looks like we got a bunch of english teachers as contributors

TnS4741d ago

Looks like there are more careful contributors than you. :))

Systematrix4741d ago

and people still approved it. It's not even a subtle misspelling that you might not see.

TaylorB4741d ago

We need an IQ test to become a contributer as well instead of just the approved submissions.

DrPirate4741d ago

GG spelling and new news.

How do you misspell Gamer?

And that site's been up for 2 months.


dustin25244741d ago

Sorry about the whole 1 letter. and what makes you think the website has been up for 2 months?
At bottom of the site "Since 10th June 2007" and "NEWS - 10th June 2007
Well I've worked pretty hard on this website, and it's finally finished!"

dork07834741d ago


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The story is too old to be commented.