Half-Life 2: Portal to the Future

If you've played or heard of Humanhead's Prey, then you know that game offers organic portals throughout a giant sentient alien ship. The portals are dimensional doorways into different areas of the craft, and they're graphically and conceptually well-implemented and work seamlessly.In Half-Life 2: Portal, a seemingly independent game that ships with the PC version of Half-Life Episode 2, and the bundle of Half-Life 2, Episode 1, 2, and Team Fortress 2 on Xbox 360 and PS3, players use a tool that creates portals on the fly. Yes -- a gun that creates instant openings through walls that transport you in the bat of an eye to another place.

gamerriffic6172d ago

this half life news keeps getting better and better, thanks for the news arsenic!!!

gravity gun was the best.. and i couldnt think of a better gun... but just.. wow. i hope it works smoothly

Arsenic136172d ago

so do i man i think Halo might of met its match! Im buying this day 1 its the best!. i played the xbox version , it was great but frequent lag and the graphics got blurry. But this will change everthing !. Portals are the new duel wielding in games.

Bluemayhem6170d ago

Thats sounds amazing, but!!! I seriously doubt that you could make portals anywhere you want this would just be impossible as you would need somekind of crazy coding for the game that constantly evolves (not a programmer so might be BS). Think about it Prey was in development for over 8 years and their main drawing point were these "portals", however they could not manage to create a form of random spawn for these.Do you think they were incapable of doing it??
So in the new HL2: Portals game there may be use of these portals but surely not to complete extent of 100% user freedom. Probably more like the destructible environments in "Red Faction" so you would know when to use your Portal gun.

Vash186170d ago (Edited 6170d ago )

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