Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 Patch in Testing

MW2 Update in Test now: 1887s Balanced. Public "private" Match fix. Infinite Ammo fix. Prestige Hack on PS3 fix. Texture Hack on PC fix. stated Robert Bowling via twitter.

Infinity Ward seems to be on top of the problems that seem to be sprouting up regularly. At least according to Robert Bowling and the seemingly endless stream of updates he has been delivering in regards to glitches, patches, and fixes.

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WildArmed4237d ago

They could have just made the COD save files locked to avoid these hacks.
Similar to how Demons Souls save file is locked.

Nitrowolf24236d ago

definitely could have done that, thats what i thought that they were going to do originally cause of what happened to the first game.

Saaking4236d ago

they should have BETA tested.

Greywulf4236d ago

This is just sweet for those of us that decided not to buy the bs. Sure, didn't bankrupt activision, but I don't feel raped. And thats a good thing.

D4RkNIKON4236d ago

Oh so they test their patches but not their game? I am so glad this MW2 didn't win GOTY, I was afraid it might.

Edit- I lost a bubble for that?? :/

jjohan354236d ago

Noooooooo! I am at level 66 and about to unlock the 1887! I want to do some payback to all those folks who ran around with those akimbo shotguns!!!

CyberCam4236d ago


No worries bro I gave you a bubble back... cheers!

Xbox Avatars Shoe4236d ago

They're the only good guns you unlock at a high level.

xGet_In_There4236d ago

disagreed with saaking? I swear people just get on here and click the disagree button for the hell of it. (go it now)

This game should of been beta tested. When it first came out I was trying to back up IW but now im getting a little piss#d. They just wanted their money and now they will take their sweet time fixing this crap.

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MrJack4236d ago

Why nerf the 1887's, you get them for like 3 levels and they aren't even that overpowered.

borgome4236d ago

Problem is though all the noobs that use the Akimbo 1887's won't prestige, it's the only way they can get kills.

happy_gilmore4236d ago

GOTY,for sure

glitchfest of the year!

and failo warz where's my stat is a close second place.

Wile4236d ago

Dual 1887s are one my biggest complains about MW2. WAAAAY over powered, especially at medium range, and judging from death cams I've watched, need little accuracy to get the kill.

The Hunter4236d ago

A full Leaderboard/rank reset for a fair play ;)

Look_Behind4236d ago

Just all the 10 Prestigers

DavidMacDougall4236d ago

Don't ****ing dare reset my points! I don't play enough to get my ACR back, i just got it!

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