Everybody's Golf 5 Scans

Sony Computer Entertainment revealed some new images for Everybody' S Golf 5 on PlayStation 3 on Japanese magazine Famitsu. some new characters and environments, as well as the online lobbies which accommodates a handful of participants being able to dialogue with one another just before their match begins.Up to 8 players can compete, currently schedule for a July 26 release date in Japan.

(Source: Famitsu)

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jwatt4742d ago

A unique golfing game that doesn't look so boring.

ngg123454742d ago

In america and japan. They have this huge following for some reason.

DJ4742d ago

The top-notch graphics are really surprising though; I love the lighting quality, as well as the uber-cuteness.

Lord Anubis4742d ago

clap handz know how to do addictive fun games.

THe game got a realistic yet cartoony art style :)

BBsin4741d ago

is really fun. I downloaded the demo at the japanese playstation store when i was looking for folksoul/lore. It's a fun game to play with others and the scans look better than the demo itself.