Video games cause blindness in US?

Hooked Gamers writes: "I came across this interesting video about how playing video games and more specifically texting is causing a greater instance of myopia to occur in the US. It seems like near sightedness is up a staggering 66 percent since the 1970s, which is indeed a large increase. However, I have concerns about this so-called study."

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Ares84PS34237d ago

I wear no glasses. My eyesight is perfect and I play a lot of games. Study is BS. It's much more damaging to the eye to read a book with tiny letters because of the huge contrast between black and white and the fact that the letters are so small. That is actually proven anyone is welcome to google it if they don't believe me.

Bereaver4237d ago

I'm about the same. Except I do have a slight vision impairment but it's completely unrelated to gaming (I got shingles on my eye, OHHH HOW IT HURT!) Anyway, my vision is still close to 2020, but I'm a little nearsighted (again because of the shingles I had a few years ago).

This study, is completely untrue and bogus.

Darkstorn4237d ago

Well, if you stare at any close object for hours on end (be it a screen or a page from a book) your long-range sight WILL decrease. My question is why are they specifically targeting cell phones and video games? They're just as bad for one's eyes as reading a book.
Perhaps it's because screen time has been increasing exponentially over the past few decades. It's a valid concern, but they must remember to include other variables in their conclusion.

Government Cheese4236d ago

After all the Pokemon gaming I used to do back in the day, with my face inches from the screen when I was laying in bed, eventually made me pretty nearsighted so I wear contacts now lol. It was worth it though

sikbeta4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

I'm blessed with a Perfect vision, no glasses for me and like Ares84PS3 said, there are more things that can damage the eyesight than just gaming, so this article is [email protected]

Leio4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

Seriously blindness??

Proxy4236d ago

Lets go fine ONE person who smokes and doesn't have cancer. Then we can prove that smoking has nothing to do with cancer. :D

CryWolf4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

And I am nearsighted because of gaming so much with N64 and playstation 1 at the time, even today when i play any games I have to either stand up or move a little closer to TV to see what I'm doing while I where glasses.

Darkstorn4236d ago (Edited 4236d ago )

Then that means you're 'nearsighted.' I always remember this: If you're nearsighted, you see 'near' objects best. If you're farsighted, you see 'far' objects best.

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Alcon Caper4237d ago

having trouble seeing the article, what does it say?

GameOn4236d ago

I think quite a few people on N4G have those symptoms.

CrippleH4237d ago

I agree it's BS. I've been playing Video game since 5 and my eye sight is fine.

Kreyg4237d ago

yeah I think they just wanted to be like "yeah its video games, yeahhhhhhh blame that"

Setekh4236d ago

Agreed with both of you, this 'study' is nothing more than fresh ammunition for the gaming haters to use in their pointless arguments of 'video games are bad'.

I've been playing video games for 20+ years and I can see just fine.

Sarcasm4237d ago

No, gamers eye sights are fine. It's the IQ level of gamers that has severely dropped since November 4th 2005.

Darkstorn4237d ago

?????? and what is this in reference to?

Sarcasm4237d ago

Research and the truth shall be revealed.

Darkstorn4237d ago

Ah. got it. At first I thought it might have been in reference to Age of Empires III's release date...

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