CNET Top 5: Most Wanted Gadgets

Another Top 5 from CNET TV. This time its about most wanted gadgets. Wii and PS3 are there along with other stuff plus a short list of gaming products.

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MK_Red4239d ago

PS3 has been on top 5 for weeks and yet its sales are so low, its strange...

Satanas4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

Most people I know are waiting for the PS2 to lose its steam before buying a PS3. And of course a price cut.

It's really not difficult to understand, if everyone already had one, why would it be on the "wanted" list? It'd be on the top-sellers list instead.

Edit: This is irrelevant, but isn't that "big announcement" coming tomorrow? I just saw it in the week's hottest news.

Hopefully it's something good.

ch_ymh4239d ago

Maybe due to its console price and also need to buy HDTV or HDCP ready monitors, 5.1 or 7.1 to play PS3 joyfully. Most of them want to have one PS3, but it's still a luxurious product, i think.

Lord Anubis4239d ago

ah the ****** dethroned the PS3 after several weeks.

MK_Red4239d ago

Satanas and ch_ymh . I agree. many people want PS3 but dont think its the right time to buy it for them.

blackmagic4239d ago

I agree, I am one of them... There are games coming up on ps3 that I really want but they are literally 1.5-2 years out. Why buy a ps3 now at $600 when there isn't any games that really interest me when I can wait until the games that I want actually arrive and the ps3 is much cheaper and the games that kinda perk my interest are 'platinum' priced.

I bought the 360 on day one and there have been some great titles but the titles I REALLY wanted are only just starting to come out now. I won't make that mistake on a console ever again. In the future, I will wait atleast 18 months to buy and in this case, since I have the 360 already, I can see myself waiting as much as 2.5-3 years for the ps3.

Why o why4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

good point. you know if you wait you can still enjoy any game thats been released and it would probably be cheeper too. Resistance is worth checking out when you decide to get a ps. Motorstorm is ok if you like that kind of thing but resistance is a must. oh yeah and tekken 5 dr. you wont have to wait that long for games to come out by the way. dont listen to botheads of any persuasion

CAPS LOCK4239d ago

most people i know are waiting just for a price drop. the people i know are all tech-guys but i am waiting for killzone and metal gear and heavenly sword,haze lbp, lair, warhak and final fantasy.

tehcellownu4239d ago

41 weeks on the chart!!.sony really need to drop the price so people can buy it..

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