Halo 3 beta goes to a happier place

Cue the super-sad Hulk walking away music up and watch as the Halo 3 beta hitchhikes away again, off to find another job as a cook in a small town that doesn't know his terrible secret. You've just got a few more hours of lasering and Warthogging and bubble shielding before you're cut off for 107 entire days. Soak it up my friends, soak it up.

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CyberSentinel4734d ago

I can't wait for the release. Halo 3 reserved.

Diselage4734d ago

Theres a lot of little things that need to be worked on but with the release so far away i think they'll be able to get everything worked out really well.

I really hope they don't turn the auto-aim up is my only huge concern. Halo 2 had way to frickin much AA.

Caxtus7504734d ago

should it be "queue" instead of cue? or is my English bad.....

We will miss you! (but forget you come September...*sigh* the fickleness of a gamer)

dachiefsman4734d ago

Even though I am tired of playing all three maps, I will miss you Spartan Laser until September!

Hayabusa 1174734d ago

Goodbye my sweet, goodbye...

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