What Would Xbox 360's November 2009 Looked Like Without Modern Wafare 2?

G4TV Writes:

"But what would November 2009 have looked like without Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? What if Activision decided the shooter needed more time and pushed it into early 2010? As a third-party, Microsoft would have no control over what happened. They would have lost their biggest game.

When I asked Aaron Greenberg about this scenario, he briefly paused."

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WildArmed4292d ago

I dont think it's just 360.
The gaming industry as a whole. The game broke all effen records =/
So yeah, Nov. would have been VERY different.
No matter how good/bad the game is, it did break alot of records

OGharryjoysticks4292d ago (Edited 4292d ago )

A quick look around and it's pretty obvious this was Microsoft's crown jewel this year. They had other games, but betting on MW2 was the main strategy this year. You didn't see a Halo ODST or Forza themed 360 released or any other game for that matter. But it wasn't rocket science. They have numbers for largest played game online and could easily put the 2 together. I'm quite sure there were a large number of 360 Modern Warfare fans who were thrilled to have the chance to buy a second system branded with the MW2 logo.

But on PS3 it's just another game. There isn't anything special between Sony and Activision on it and outside of the MW diehards on PS3 there's no incentive to run out and buy it. They didn't even bother to release the game in the new box logo format for shelf appeal.

This year Sony seemed to focus support 3rd party wise on Assassins Creed 2 and Batman earlier in the year.

Genesis54291d ago

Why speculate? It's something we will never know. Better question. What is December going to look like? Now everyone knows how broken MW2 online is.

Bereaver4292d ago

The real question would be......

What if those people that were banned had the choice of trading their games in for the ps3 counterpart.

Anyway, back on topic, lol. If there wasn't a MW2, there would have been more sales in different games, but I don't believe that it would be equally made on the 360. They just don't have enough games at the moment.

Nathan Drake24291d ago

december numbers will tell.