First Annual Gaming Bolt Game of the Year Awards

GB writes: "Welcome to Hit or Miss, Game of the Year Edition. Here we will lay out our nominees for the best game in our 27 different categories. Our normal scale applies however now it pertains to the likelihood (in the opinion of the writer) of a nominee winning the award. Also in the interest of getting through this in a short amount of time only the GOTY nominees will have an overview. Lets get to it!"

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DarkSniper4246d ago

To answer this in the simplest form. No.

When you have titles such as Killzone 2, Uncharted 2 and then the unlimited content of AAA exclusives that are only on PlayStation®3, it's difficult to even think of an Xbox 360 game that would compare to any merit of a PS3 title.

Halo ODST itself is a laughable attempt at making the Halo series what it isnt, a gritty and serious take in the First Person Shooter genre. What defines Halo is that it's an abysmal shooter that brings no innovation to the gaming forefront. It's a tired series that needs to be put to rest.

The only thing that Dark Sniper sees in Bungie's upcoming title Halo Reach, is a reach at disappointing the market again with another stale title from a stagnant series.


gameseveryday4246d ago

I felt the need to comment on this:

@ DarkSniper:

I am sorry to say That i have to disagree with you. The Ps3 had some great games in 2009. But the 360 had some AAA expereince as well in Forza 2 and something good in ODST as well.

Shadow Man4245d ago

Bungie help Naughty B!tch Develop their online multiplayer.

LeonSKennedy4Life4245d ago

...and Naughty Dog, Insomniac, and Infinity Ward all helped Bungie with Halo 1, 2, 3, and ODST.

Do you have a problem with that?

All four developers are very good friends.

pwarnock4246d ago

There are some great nominees with excellent reviews.

Saaking4245d ago

Looks like yet another win for UC2.

Galardo4245d ago

Wow. I love that there are 27 catagories. This is probably the article I agree with the most. Very nice choices.

pervezmzn4245d ago

it's difficult to even think of an Xbox 360 game that would compare to any merit of a PS3 title.

cb8104245d ago

I actually dont agree with the list for the first person shooters. Killzone 2 should not have been there at the first place.

spunnups4245d ago

I just got done playing KZ2 for 2 hours on the new map packs. There isn't a better shooter out there. No game beats it's atmosphere and realism. Not even close. Dedicated servers are a major plus as well.

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