Microsoft Xbox on the horizon

Called Microsoft Xbox, the island appears to have only been in existence for a few scant hours. It's locked down, of course, and there's likely nothing to see yet, but obviously Microsoft have additional plans in Second Life.

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Saint Sony4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

" the island appears to have only been in existence for a few scant hours. "... that is kinda wrong. The island was mentioned first time some months ago, but none could access it yet.

No idea what it will be, but I don't need any second life things for 360.

edit: @DADO, yes answer to HOME comes to mind, but why does MS have to answer to Home? I only see home as a gathering place of teenage males (due the lack of community/girls in community).Gives me chills really. "hey look at my new pants, shirt and hair...ooh wow".. yikes.

DADO4734d ago (Edited 4734d ago )

It might be M$ answer to PS3 Home!

@ 2 info on 2nd life

Ignorant Fanboy4734d ago

I would like it if you could download it to your hard drive.

I would like to be playing gears, and jump into second life on the fly to chat with a friend, then jump back to gears.

I hope this is how Home will be too. If I had to swap a disc, I probably wouldnt enjoy it as much, I prefer the games.

original seed4734d ago

on Xbox Live you can chat with your friend without having to leave Gears. So there's no reason for "Second Life to chat". But if you fill impelled to jump off Gears you can always go to the dashboard then boot up Gears.

Ignorant Fanboy4734d ago

I do it all the time, my buddy plays tennis, while I play Forza, or vice versa, and we talk.

I meant, actually jumping into the game.

Like when you are playing Gears, and a friend invites you to play an arcade game, all you have to do is press "accept", and you are playing the game.

No disc changing needed. I believe home will be this way, you are playing a game, you get a message that a friend is in your Home, and you press a button, and instantly you are in your Home.

If I had to swap to a "Home" or "2nd Life" disc, my friend would be gone by the time I got the thing booted up.

Daxx4734d ago

I don't want to live in no virtual world I just want to play games. That's it. If Microsoft does make something like the PS3's Home I'm not going to use it, unless they make it so that my XBL clan can have a "house of meeting" then I might look into it.

Saint Sony4734d ago

Clan rooms might be the only good thing in these kind of things. IF that is possible.

DADO4734d ago

There is something missing on the island. It does not have a red ring. LOL


BadTaste4734d ago

Yet somebody disagreed with you...

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The story is too old to be commented.