Xbox 360 Price Cut By A Third

HMV and GAME have dropped the price of the Xbox 360 Arcade down from the RRP of £159.99 to £109.99 GBP.

The retailers, who are probably keen to cash in on the holiday console rush, have introduced the deal which includes the console, a wireless controller and a month's Gold subscription to Xbox LIVE, for around a third off the usual price.

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Maticus4053d ago

It's almost worth picking one up just in case your current one gets the RROD.

Xeoset4053d ago

Well while it is now unlikely due to the newer revisions, at least you can guarantee the new one wouldn't go.

StanLee4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Saw an earlier article where the XBox 360 was the most sort after console during the holiday season in the UK. It seems retailers are practically giving the console away this holiday season.

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darthv724053d ago

Obviously it isnt an "official" drop from MS but still a really nice price. People who want to play the best of both worlds should get one.

SilentNegotiator4053d ago

"Xbox 360 Price Cut By A Third on a UK retailer website"

Oh, wait! What am I thinking? THAT won't get enough hits!
"Xbox 360 Price Cut By A Third"

Anon19744053d ago

If it was doing great, retailers would be more than happy to take people's money. Dropping the price by this much either says they're blowing out inventory or having trouble getting gamers in the door.

Rampant4053d ago

either way, game developers that put their game on the 360 wins.


hate_me4053d ago

haha.....not that transparent anymore old friend. I think you are a bit lost --->..............funny oak you
cool those of you that dont own a 360 yet, get this then you have a few more pounds left for your piggy bank to get a ps3... and uncharted 2. awesome game, awesome deal

Anon19744053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

Suspicious when accounts that have been dormant for over a year suddenly spring to life again and start referring to posters as "old friend" while they take personal shots at you. If that doesn't scream "HEY! HEY MODS! Dupe account over here! Dupe account!" I don't know what does.

Anyway, how about you try sticking to my comments and leave the personal jabs out of this, 'K partner?

So, if I'm to read your opposition to my comments correctly, you're saying the 360 is just fine and this retailer just simply doesn't like money all that much which is why it's selling 360's probably below cost. Is that about right?

Edit Below: Exactly my point. So they're either blowing out inventory or simply trying to get people in the door. Considering that analysts believe the 360 is currently being sold at a loss, I'm sure cutting the cost by a third is causing HMV and GAME to take a loss as well. Maybe it's just to get people through the door but having done my time in retail I'm guessing it's much more about moving inventory that can't move itself. Have we ever seen how the Arcade is selling? More likely that particular model needs a little help out the door.

Either way, I agree with you, bubbles up. It's good marketing. The 360 is a great machine. I pick up a friend's copy of ODST from school tomorrow to try over the break and I can't wait to give it a go.

IdleLeeSiuLung4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

"That's odd. I thought the 360 was doing good in the UK.
If it was doing great, retailers would be more than happy to take people's money. Dropping the price by this much either says they're blowing out inventory or having trouble getting gamers in the door." -darkride

But imagine, the hottest item on sale with limited units. Imagine the amount of people flocking to the retailer. Why bother discounting something that isn't as sought after? It won't generate the same of hype and "free" marketing as we see this article made it here!!!

Imagine that, smart marketing....

StanLee4053d ago

Silly wabbit. Retailers drop the price on the console so that consumers will spend 4 times as much on software. Please let me know if I should explain anything else to you. 'Kay Sweetie? :D

Alcon Caper4053d ago

StanLee is correct. Money is made with software and peripherals (and sub fees), not with the sales of the actual consoles.

Captain Tuttle4053d ago

You get 'em in the door and make your money on games and accessories.

hate_me4053d ago

so I created a "duplicate account" a year ago to put my master plan in action this week by using this duplicate account to take personal jabs at you....a silly little fanboy. Im awesome! My teacher in 7th grade always told me I couldn't plan for the future...well in your face Mrs.Oldride.

again, awesome deal, I think that I have to put in an order for this myself, let my current 360 rest a bit

Trebius4053d ago

They're almost GIVING them away...

Only way theyll gain momentum to keep up with the Ps3.

madpuppy4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

"It's almost worth picking one up just in case your current one gets the RROD."

Yeah, that is what people that bought Yugo cars used to say/do, cheap enough to buy 2 so WHEN one breaks down you will have a backup...shame like the 360, the backup didn't last very long either.

green4053d ago

So can you explain the reason why ASDA (one of the largest supermarket chain in the UK) dropped the price of MW2 before it launched from £50 to £26? Is it because they were under the belief that MW2 will not sell?

Common sense is not so common after all.

pixelsword4053d ago

perhaps they played the multiplayer before pricing?

Just kidding, though; if they drop the price of the 360, I don't see a reason to hate them for it: it's a grand chance to buy one if you're in England if you so choose.

yippiechicken4053d ago

who cares why they're doing it? Cheaper stuff is great for all of us!

Anon19744053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

I see we agree then. They're most likely taking a loss on the hardware to get people in the door.

Considering you're agreeing with my point, don't you think you're being kinda snotty about it?

But still, you really think it's to sell software? HMV is a music store, not a video game store, and I understood markup on software really wasn't all that much for retailers. That's why the whole "used games" sales is such a big deal, because retailers make far, far much more on used games then they do selling new games.

@ Green. Why did they drop the price of MW2 from £50 to £26? I dunno, because they were raping people by charging £50 and no one else was? Seriously, who buys a game for £50? I don't know about you but in Canada that would have worked out to $90 for that title, which is outrageous. Most retailers sold MW2 for $60 or less, or roughly 30£.
So to answer your question, I'm guessing they dropped their price because no one would have bought it for 50£ when everyone else was charging only 30£.
You're right about common sense not being so common. :)

gta28004053d ago

PS3's rarely go on sales like that. I always see retailers trying to get rid of their 360's by selling them dirt cheap. Most sought after? Yes, if it was the most sought after I'm pretty sure retailers would want to sell the console way below MSRP. It seems more like people aren't buying them so retailers have to almost give them away for free just so people will take em lol

green4053d ago (Edited 4053d ago )

and for someone that claims to be 35 years old you sure dont know a single thing about business 101.They slash the price of a HOT COMMODITY to ensure that when consumers decide to buy that product, it would be their store that they will choose. Also by dropping the price, it is most likely that the consumer will most likely by 1,2 or 3 other products that the store sells.26th of december is around the corner and it is the UK's equivalent to black friday, so great deals have already started pooping up left, right and center.

The is a common business strategy taught in business schools and employed by every big retail outlet out there.But as i have always said in regards to you, commonsense is not so common.

@gta2800: Based on my experience in the retail industry in the UK, it is 8/10 times the hottest commodity that gets the best deals. The reason for this is that if they all sell the product at the same price, then what is going to be the differentiating factor that will improve the foot flow of people that will choose their store to buy the product? So price or bundles is what they resort to.

And who said it does not happen to the PS3?I am in Oxford, and gamestation was selling a PS3 slim in September for £220 with 2 games.Why? because in september, the ps3 slim was the most sought after console.

vhero4053d ago

its all in time with the mass bannings MS are not stupid they probably have something to do with this aswell. If you don't buy this as a replacement console. Or your mother buys an arcade version for you for christmas I really feel for you.

KRONie4053d ago

I heard that a year ago when i was still considering grabbing a 360.
Then, all my friends who had 360 got RROD's within 2 months, and i bought gaming PC instead.

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commodore644052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

This is just awesome news for UK gamers.
When has it been cheaper to play classleading games with an included xboxlive gold subscription?

What with much improved xbox reliability, an ever expanding catalogue of stupendously awesome exclusives and most often superior multiplats, the 360 truly presents an awesome christmas purchase for gamers.
Simply put, an amazing deal.

I would guess that the retailers are pricing the console at a loss to attract christmas buyers into their store, knowing full well that any loss they make on the reduced price will be recouped by suggestive upselling and cross-selling in 360 games/accessories and incidental buying.

With regard to the 360 specifically, I can't help but think that with deals such as the above and next year, with Natal, Halo reach and ME2, Microsoft will be extremely well positioned to capture far more profits and marketshare than its competitors would have admitted was possible at the outset of this generation.

Anon19744052d ago (Edited 4052d ago )

Easy there, buddy. No need to throw a tantrum, especially considering you're agreeing with exactly what I said. Did you even read my comment? I said they're most likely doing it to get people through the door. You're arguing the same point as I am, yet getting upset at me over it!

And then you accuse me of lacking common sense? You argued the same point as me, brainiac! They're taking a loss to get people through the doors. That one of the two scenarios I described. Sheesh!

Methinks it's time to switch to decaf.

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Leord4053d ago

Wow, that is a massive change!

AndyA4053d ago

That's a pretty good deal. Tempted to get another one myself as a backup.

Fyzzu4053d ago

Dammit. I want to buy myself a spare at this price :|