GT5's physics are 'nearly the same as actually driving'

Nick @ PS3Center writes:

Kaz spends a lot of time speaking on the new physics system designed for Gran Turismo 5. He's really proud of the way the new physics system captures the 'dynamic' feel of driving, going as far to say "We feel that this could be nearly the same feel as actually driving"

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sinncross4239d ago

Now that is what I am talking about: good Polyphony Digital!

Greywulf4239d ago

Who actually races...


talltony4239d ago

the logitech steering wheel.

Danja4239d ago

Well GT has always been the closest thing to realistic driving on gaming consoles .. whats New here ?

sikbeta4239d ago

They Know what they're Doing and that's why GT series are Amazing

Gran Turismo 5: The Real Meaning of Perfectionism

sniper-squeak4238d ago

another reason to buy a PS3 and the logitech steering wheel

gaffyh4238d ago

Notice how he doesn't bash the competition. Take not Turn 10 and Greenburg.

RROD Service_Rep4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

Thats the difference between PD and Turn 10.

Turn 10 needs to claim they have the best driving sim, and downplay the competition.

PD just tells the truth

evrfighter4238d ago

lol but what about damage physics?

all this talk goes out the window if 2 cars head on each other at 100+ mph and their bumpers fall off =\

uie4rhig4238d ago

but then again, i trust PD!! if anyone can pull this off its PD..

MEsoJD4238d ago

I've always found driving in real life way easier, but I'm going over a

hundred everyday. : p

Greywulf4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

How does the mathematical physics of driving go "out the window" when you collide 2 objects at 100mph? A flight sim isn't good because it doesn't have fiery crashes... right? Despite how accurate the flight model is... according to you. So when you're doing a time trial... its not an accurate simulation of a vehicle correct?

GT isn't the game for people who haven't the slightest idea how to drive a car, neither are any sims really. Its for users to practice applying real-force & input into a physic model that reproduces real life responses. Understeer/Understeer/Braking limits etc..

If your ONLY worry about a sim, is that it doesn't reproduce an explosion or death when you hit another car head on at 100mph, I doubt you're a GT fan, or even a car-sim fan to begin with. Don't worry though, GT's damage model is showing off more damage than anything else out on the console market right now running in 1080p at 60fps. So even n00bies like you are going to have fun.

DaTruth4238d ago

Next they will expect them to accurately reproduce the pain and broken bones you would receive in a crash!

"This is not teh real driving simulator, I would have had teh third degree burns from that crash!"

evrfighter4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

"GT isn't the game for people who haven't the slightest idea how to drive a car, neither are any sims really. Its for users to practice applying real-force & input into a physic model that reproduces real life responses. Understeer/Understeer/Braking limits etc.."

wait wait wait wait wait

Do my eyes deceive me?

Does someone really believe holding a button down is practicing IRL driving...

I've seen it all. You use flight simulator as an example but fail to mention that if you crash...that's it no more it's over

in GT so far you crash...then you go like nothing ever happened

Gran Turismo will always be an arcade racer until damage becomes a major factor. No I wouldn't want to destroy a nice car but in GT there is no penalty for crashing...Crashes can not only cost you the race, or the season, but also your life. The amount of danger involved in racing is why a lot of people watch it.

Gran Turismo is more or less a game made to showcase cars (they do a very very very good job of it). But still it's not a sim.

4238d ago
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Bungie4239d ago

i hope it's true

physics is everything in a racing sim

shadowfox4239d ago

When is that Academy demo coming out? Tomorrow?

WildArmed4239d ago

Yup. a bare boned demo D: 220mb.

Never the less, can't wait to put that baby on test drive

Fishy Fingers4239d ago (Edited 4239d ago )

The ONE thing you can take from the GT Academy time trial (not a demo) is the feel or physics engine, Sony pointed out in the press release that that is the main purpose, to test the new physics engine (even though incomplete). Other than being the early GT Academy preliminaries of course.

GVON4238d ago

I understand were your coming from but the main menu say's "this demo of GT5"

I can't wait to try it,my wheelstand arrived on monday (got it for the trial) but I was gutted that you can't active the clutch.

Noctis Aftermath4238d ago

@above: you got that for the trial? now that's commitment, +bubs.

GVON4238d ago (Edited 4238d ago )

been after one for a while but the trial sealed the deal,i'll probably pick up R-factor or something before GT5 comes out though,not sure i'll be able to go back to prologue if the new physics are a big step up.

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NateNater4239d ago

Let the Forza vs GT debate begin in 3..2..1...

Udidntlistenpunk4239d ago

Thats right baby. GT is the TRUE definite racing game, unlike flopza 3 which has an arcadish engine.

GT5 is the real deal. The gamers have spoken. Flopza 3 bombed. GT5 will sales will spike PS3 consoles. Boom.

Anorexorcist4239d ago

It only does real-life driving simulators.

S4NDM4N4239d ago

it is weird that no on mentions PC sim racing games....

I mean those blow away FOrza 3 and GT5.

FishCake9T44239d ago

WRC - Ciroen C4 - Point to point rally - Real life physics = No life - Huge electricity bill

Dutch Boogie4238d ago

lol i feel you on that man.

alphakennybody4238d ago

haha same but i'd go with the lancia delta or the 206 peugot those are ma faves