New Bad Company 2 Shots

EA and DICE have revealed a new set of screenshots from the upcoming Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The screens show off the Panama setting in the game.

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deadpoole4248d ago

Seriously u kiddin me ... those are bullshots ... if you've played PS3 beta of BFBC2 ... it doesnt look anywhere near that quality.

BTW all those gonna jump sayin that its Xbox 360 gameplay cuz u can see buttons A or B or blah blah ... just to remind, they have done before and they are doin it again ... using Xbox 360 controller on High End PC and footage taken from that.

This game is nothin but jagfest and texture popups for consoles. If game is anywhere near this quality for either PS3 or Xbox 360 ... Ill buy two of em give one out for free.

Leord4248d ago

Dude! I can seriously not wait to try that out!

Fyzzu4248d ago

Wow. Deliberate shots or not, those are beautiful.

AndyA4248d ago

I'm really impressed with the Frostbite engine. Good effort, DICE.

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