Killzone Engine info at UK Conference

Between July 24th~26th, the Develop Conference in Brighton, England will be host to many events, one of which involves a detailed explanation of how Guerrilla Games pulled off its innovative, custom-built rendering engine for Killzone, an upcoming Playstation 3 title that has garnered wide-spread attention.

Rather than using traditional Forward Rendering, Guerrilla has opted to use Deferred Rendering and tackled the obstacles that such rendering brings to the table. For reasons why the team has chosen this unconventional rendering technique, follow the link...

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Violater4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

population reaching critical mass, please read and follow the warnings before posting.

No matter how well this game looks or plays it will still be a failure to people who want it to fail. It's sad really.

@ cuppa yes I'm glad you did the honorable thing and out yourself, admission is the first step to recovery.

nice_cuppa4741d ago

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Fart_Bubbles4741d ago

posting like a 5 year old, it's really funny to watch xbots get their wittle feewings hurt everytime more of the Ps3's power is revealed.

Hey you can all enjoy your 2d xbox live and glitchparade called gears while we enjoy true next gen gaming and a 3d online interface.

BubblesDAVERAGE4741d ago

This will be one of the first times we have seen killzone since 05 trailer...Now real time..if its realtime even the advid xbox fan will get a ps3..because i know too human got me looking at xbox 360 that and halo

TnS4741d ago

This news is not about E3...

power of Green 4741d ago

WTF are they boasting now?.