Zune fire sale sees reductions of up to 60 bucks

Hey wait Microsoft, weren't you supposed to be working on reducing the prices for that other consumer electronics device?

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CyberSentinel4741d ago (Edited 4741d ago )

Are the way to go for me. Think about this, if you buy 1 album a month you spend the same money as a monthly subscription. With Zune I get access to hundreds of thousands of albums, with NO downloading limits.

This encourages me to listen to some music, I normally would not listen to.

Diselage4741d ago

I know a lot of people who have the Zune and the main reason is that the subscription based service works out to be so much less for them than if it was per album or song.

OneBubbleBastard4741d ago

You have to be a stupid retard Micro$oft b*tch like most xbots here to even think ZUNE has anything good...

Another crappy equipment from microsoft... Another copied product.. damn M$ can't do nothing innovative?? well no point in that cause there's 99.9% it will break down on you.. better save money avoiding new ideas.. ;)

SuperSaiyan44741d ago

You have been reported.

If you want to be childish please go elsewhere.


I was interested in the ZUNE and like the HALO 3 edition but sorry its just too bulky for my liking. Also Microsoft seem not to be releasing this product in Europe or anywhere else for that matter not sure why.

BIadestarX4740d ago

I like the zune... I was a little worried about the size of the zune too. Since I also have a ipod nano. But with the many features the zune has that are currently non existant on the ipod (wifi, also twise the screen size, FM radio, etc) I didn't gave it a shot. I'm sure microsoft is working on a smaller version... but to be honest with you... most of the size is taken by the scree... and I honesty prefer this screen over the ipod... it looks pretty nice... specially for wide screen formatted movies.

I have a few complains about it and hopefully they will fix it since there is no hardware limitation that prevent them from doing so. One of them is FM recording.