Xbox 360 Most Sought-After UK Christmas Console

IncGamers reports that the Xbox 360 is the most sought-after console for Christmas in the UK, trailed by the Wii and then the PS3.

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Leord4244d ago

Really? I thought loads of people wanted a Wii specifically!

anh_duong4244d ago

xbox is actually very popular in the uk.. it is one of the cheapest places in the world to buy an xbox.. you can get an xbox for around 165 usd here

Xeoset4244d ago

Microsoft made an early push in advertising over here and France around the PS3 launch and it really worked for them getting a large install base (ala the boat running through Paris on the PS3 launch day). Then it must have been a word-of-mouth effect as there was more of a buzz concerning the Xbox 360.

The key thing is that the UK is the second largest market in the world. It dwarfs many combined countries in the EU alone, which is surprising considering it is just a tiny island off shore.

mint royale4244d ago

The UK is one of the world's biggest economies. Its an important market to do well in.

siyrobbo4244d ago

The bundle deals here at the minute are crazy

you can get an arcade from amazon, with 2 top new release games (the saboteur, left 4 dead 2, dragon age, forza amongst others) an extra controller and lego batman / pure for £139.99 (approx 225 dollars)

table4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

If we are to go by previous happenings, the wii will still outsell 360 regardless of these studies. I reckon the ps3 and 360 will be pretty close this time round what with the ps3 slim out and a lower price point. The 360 has dominated ps3 in the past because you could get one at less than half the price. The cheapest 360 was £129.99 and the cheapest ps3 was £299.99. That has pretty much been the ps3's downfall.

Bungie4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

the 360 deserves it

such a great console with killer exclusives , online and community

gaffyh4244d ago

Ok so they are going on searches that occurred from the week ending December 5th. Whilst I will admit that this is an indicator of what is to come for the holiday sales, it is by no means a decent sample size. 1 week is not good enough to indicate whether a certain console will sell more than another, and also this only accounts for online sales only.

What about the sales which happen at retail, which as we all know, are more than the online sales.

Despite this data, I'd be very surprised if the Wii didn't come top this year, it is the perfect casual gadget.

IdleLeeSiuLung4244d ago

Other than the US, the 360 second stronghold is the UK. Most other countries prefer the Wii or PS3.

Trebius4244d ago

They're bundling all kinds of things together because they know the PS3 is dominating.

JokesOnYou4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

"hell yeah ps3 is dominating 360 in Nov, look at Black Friday sales, look at teh"

no links, no proof of US Nov #'s, until NPD

"bu, bu, bu, Its only in America the 360 does well. ps3 is dominating everywhere else like in Japan" (UK says hi)

no links, no proof of Euro #'s.

-Lets not even laugh at the sony extremists excuses which only came AFTER, NPD show 360 outsold ps3 in Nov. lmfao, its like they live in a bubble, a n4g bubble, you go outside and theres Mr. Reality saying "Good Morning, I haven't seen you in awhile". lol


Mr_Bun4243d ago

Even 360 fanboys have to be surprised by this if the 360 outsells it's competition in the UK during Xmas

vhero4243d ago

who the hell are incgamers??? Anyways they are selling well right now thanks to the mass bannings that happened and yeah they are practically giving them away over here as its the only way they can get rid of them! Sony still sell as many consoles at over twice the price! the wii almost outsells them at a more expensive price also. What's that say about the console?

NecrumSlavery4243d ago

Maybe was UK. Not now. And definitely not across EU. JP and EU is Sony Country

leila014243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

The PS3 is better value and you don't get charged to play online.

Yet, outside of Japan, people just prefer the 360, probably because of LIVE (I know that's one of the major reasons I own one).

lowcarb4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

"Even 360 fanboys have to be surprised by this if the 360 outsells it's competition in the UK during Xmas"

I'm very surprised myself considering the lack of big exclusives on 360 in 2009. I honestly thought PS3 had the better year but strangely this is turning into last gen only MS and Sony have switched position. People can hate on 360 all day out of disbelief but really they deserve some sales for all there hard efforts in trying to be excepted in the market. This gen is so balanced in market share to where all the bragging about who's winning is irrelevant. Next year the Wand and Natal will both help turn the tide on Nintendo world dominance.

Edit: lelia
"The PS3 is better value and you don't get charged to play online.

Yet, outside of Japan, people just prefer the 360, probably because of LIVE (I know that's the major reason I own one)."

The PS3 is not a better value to everyone so it all comes down to personal preference and opinion. If anything Blu Ray makes it a better value (or did when a single player was so expensive) but not the price of live because many live features have much more value than PSN.

Christopher4243d ago

This isn't sales, this is based on searching on on the Web for the 360. So, because more people did a search for XBox 360 than they did Wii or PS3, it must mean it's more sought after... not that those who own them do more searching for their game titles at all.

Yeah, talk about a pretty worthless statistic.

Mindboggle4243d ago

Well its impossible to say who outsells who, but whenever ive been into a shop that sells consoles the 360 and PS3 both seem to be selling really well, and I think that there will only be a couple of 1000 units in it...

silvacrest4243d ago

your pretty right, if you wanted to get the absolute cheapest 360 in the UK, you could get one, pre owned with a pad for £70-£80, buying it new is not much more while a PS3 is still expensive in comparison

Ju4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

"UK is the second largest market in the world. It dwarfs many combined countries in the EU alone"

I am not sure if this is ignorance or arrogance.

The UK is the second largest gaming market, true (possibly tightly followed by Japan), but it maybe dwarfs markets like Luxembourg, the Benelux, Switzerland, Austria and the other smaller nations. It certainly does not apply to the German, Italian and the French gaming market, which are pretty close follow ups (50k vs. 45k, for example).

It might apply more to MS than to Sony, though. Because MS has a bigger lead in the UK compared to the other big countries in the EU than Sony has (e.g. Sony sells more in all countries but less in the UK, compared to MS which sells more in the UK but less across the continent).

The UK is only about 20% of the European market.

DatNJDom814243d ago

Well when you have website like edge, eurogamer, the guardian, and the "AMERICAZZ GAMINNNNNGGZZZ PRESSTSS" talking sh!t about PS3, things like this happen. It doesn't help that Sony advertises with those weird European commercials. Well at least in the beginning. Since I dont live there I shouldn't really speak but lets be real, the PS3 suck articles are prevalent in the western gaming media. Uninformed buyers usually believe that stuff.

DarkTower8054243d ago

The only one so far with any intelligence.

Foliage4243d ago

"Yet, outside of Japan, people just prefer the 360"

Not since the PS3 launched. Unfortunately for your claims Sony has been outselling the 360 consistently in every part of the world, even the US.

And as a matter of fact, the US is the only place the 360 still manages to compete with the PS3. The PS3 is killing in sales everywhere, not just Japan.

Man that koolaid you guys got with your xbox must have been pretty potent.

SilentNegotiator4243d ago

When did this happen?!? What a shocker!


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Dorjan4244d ago

I'm surprised the wii isn't!

ubiquitious4244d ago

It's is the gamer's console. The people have confirmed the Xbox 360's dominance with the release of last months NPD, and that's with exaggerated PS3 and Wii sales because of the mass Xbox 360 ban earlier in the month.

The best online, controller, and games. Kudos, Microsoft. This gen goes to you.

rezenu4244d ago

An opinion, not a fact.

qface644244d ago

to be honest i can barely understand what your even saying

Guido4244d ago

And a poorly informed opinion at that...

Xeoset4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

Honestly, agreed.

Looking at the 360's 2010 lineup, including the 16 games coming to NATAL from the largest games developers out there, it has some stellar games.

With Live constantly pushing the online environment with free social games like 1 vs. 100 (which is f'ing amazing) and the Avatar Racing due shortly, integrated services like Netflix, Facebook (AMAZING for album viewing, Twitter, Last.FM, etc. The free Xboxinsider service, major gaming conventions and events coverage all streamed with a single button. The best online interactions through cross game chat and party support. Indie games, the biggest online games store including Steam. Etc, etc, etc.

There's no faulting it now that its failure rate is BELOW 4% =/

trancefreak4244d ago

Totally disagree ps3 is huge in my country...super huge!!

mint royale4244d ago

Disagree too.

Its a fact that the wii is biggest in almost every single market in the world. Sorry.

4244d ago
LightofDarkness4244d ago

Xeoset sounds like a marketing campaign...

doG_beLIEfs4244d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

How many of these "sales" are to actual customers? Why do I say this? Near the end of 2006 MS wanted desperately to get to 10M WW in console "sales" so they *stuffed* the channel with millions of 360's and they happily told the world that the 360 install base was at 10M.

The funny thing is for the next almost TWO quarters, MS "sold" almost no consoles. How did they do this, how is it that so many bought a 360 in the 4th quarter yet almost no one did for the 1st 6 months of 2007?

Because MS counts sold to retailers as "sales" where as Nintendo and Sony count sales as sold to actual CUSTOMERS. Sony has been doing so since the spring of 2006 (don't believe me, go find out for yourself) and Nintendo has been reporting actual sales to customers for some time as well. (don't know for how long, find out for yourself)

IMO, in the panic that ensued at Redmond following the sales spike of the PS3, they decided to bring out the same strategy that they employed in 2006 because they felt they needed to do something to curb all of the positive press the PS3 has been getting.

We will know for sure in the coming months when MS shows little in the way of sales in the 1st quarter of next year.

I am sure the million or so banings helped as many want to start all over with nothing when they can just go buy another 360 for $100. (I find it fascinating that the $100 core deal came almost day and date with the mass banings)

Yes MS has done well this generation (and good for us because competition means better experiences and value to the consumer) but lets not forget that the NPD (which does not include Walmart or Amazon or the REST OF THE WORLD) is not the best indicator of how well a system is doing.

MS thinks like a typical American business (results, profits now...who cares about long term) where as Nintendo and especially Sony think long term...years down the road.

Just my opinion this is but I have given myself a leg to stand on with proven facts on past business practices of MS.


This link explains what channel stuffing is


This link shows that MS admitted to stuffing the channel

I never said that MS was the only company stuffing the channel. However, Sony CANNOT stuff the channel since they count sales as sold to customers and NOT sold to retail, so no...Sony did not stuff the channel at the end of 2008, unless Sony paid a few thousand consumers to buy thousands of PS3's to show more sales/ sarcasm

Love the disagrees for stating facts...keep 'em coming, you are just proving me right. Why is it the 360 fanboy rufuses to accept facts and defends a company that nickel and dimes them to death?

mint royale4244d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

@dogs belief

MS did stuff the channel quite largely at the end of 06. As a result in the first quarter of 07 they only sold 0.5 million worldwide.

However channel stuffing was not invented by MS and every coumpany does it if needs be. I don't like MS but surely you can see that sony channel stuffed at the end of 08 and nintendo did quite a few times in the GC era. Its not necessarily a bad thing it just means demand through the year was not quite as high as anticipated. There is no perfect company out there who hasn't been in this situation.

[email protected] dogs
I respect you man but I'm not going to go into how wrong you are about Sony counting sales to consumers. No company does. Thats why we have NPD, Media Create, Or even VGhcartz!

Sony have no reason to count sales to consumers. They did change the way they report sales - they changed from sales to warehouses (their own)- (shipped to them and to us) to sales to retailers (shipped to us, sold to them as its the retailers that pay them.) Thus when Sony said they had changed and now report sold (to retailers) many people have thought they now track to consumers.

There really is no reason to do that though. The sales figures come on their financial reports and are meant for shareholders not us. Shareholders care about how much money Sony make so they will naturally like every other company give sold to retailer figures as its retailers who pay the money.

Even if they could I don't see Sony spending the time and resources gathering data from the hundreds of thousands worldwide stores to come up with figures lower than the shipped, sold to retailer figures they could give without hardly any effort. If you think that then you don't think Sony is a very smart business at all.

Sorry thats just the way it is in business.

doG_beLIEfs4243d ago

This is from Kotaku (not exactly a Sony loving site) and they say in print..."Looking at the number, it's important to note that Sony - unlike many other companies - counts actual sales, not just units shipped to retail."

Here is the whole article direct from Kotaku...

doG_beLIEfs4243d ago

Sony knows how many it sells to retailers. So when the call the inventory department at a retailer they can simply ask, how many PS3's do you currently have in stock? Whatever the answer is they can simply subtract it from the amount of consoles that they last shipped and presto alakazam....they have an actual amount of consoles SOLD TO CUSTOMERS.

More than likely the actual system is much more sophisticated and efficient than what I just said but I hope you get the point.

mint royale4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

I know that Kotaku article and I know the trash they write. They are just people like you and me and have no business acumen whatsoever. So using them as authority is really silly, especially seeing as they made the same mistake alot of people do and misinterpretted some PR.

And as for your second comment did you ignore my previous comment? Even if Sony decided to spend hours and days ringing up every store in the world constantly to get accurate figures, why would they? They report sold the number of consoles they sold to retailers on their accounts so that the amount of money they have recieved can be calculated. Thats the proper way of reporting numbers in the business world. Sorry but you are just wrong.

wii ftw4243d ago

Agreed mint, even as a ninteno fanboy I can admit that Nintendo and Sony don't track sales to consumers.

Unfortunately too many people blindly follow PR for the truth to be universally accepted.

doG_beLIEfs4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

When I worked for Gamestop at the 4th quarter managers conference I remember seeing a slide from the official Sony reports that showed fiscal quarterly results for SCE hardware sales. This was from one of the many different classes I had to attend during the conference b4 every holiday rush (usually sometime in October) It was given by real Sony reps that would come talk to us. MS, and Nintendo did the same thing. They wanted us to know how well we were doing for their respective companies. In it I specifically remember seeing ** next to the 3rd quarter of fiscal year 2006, it stated that Sony no longer reports sales as SOLD TO RETAILERS but SOLD TO CUSTOMERS.

I will keep looking for this report, I also saw it on the net a few years back and if I find it I will post it here. I am not going to continue with this pissing match (however civilized it may be) over this. I do not own Sony stock but I grow tired of all of the FUD that is spread over the internet so I from time to time try to curb it.

As for it being impossible or to hard to accurately know how many consoles are in actual homes? Why is it so hard to believe that computers and programs can accurately report REAL SALES????????

Computers have mapped the human genome (billions upon billions of strands of DNA) yet they cannot track a anemic few millions of sales??????

Again I used to work for Funcoland/Gamestop...we knew exactly how many consoles sold at each and every store every single day, we knew this by physically counting them (Funcoland) and by computer (Gamestop)

We would then (here is the tricky part) REPORT the sales of consoles from each store to corporate, same for Nintendo, get the point. So now corporate can take those numbers from every store and add them together, then they report those numbers directly to Sony.

See? not so difficult is it. Sorry for the sarcastic tone of the last paragraph but I find it fascinating that so few can grasp how simple it is for a company to find out how many machines are in people's homes.

mint royale4243d ago

I don't think you get my point though. I never said it was impossible, I just said they wouldn't bother. Financial reports and the way numbers are reported are not how you seem to think.

If you actually find a link from SONY and not some random site making the same mistake as you are I will personally give you my house haha!

Fact is sony does report sold

To retailers.

Sold to them, shipped to us :)

Guido4243d ago (Edited 4243d ago )

Retailers project their own sales and keep stock low to ensure they release (sell) all console bought from Sony. The only way out is if the retailer agrees to sell back unsold units to Sony and last I checked the retailers typically take a hit for restocking and thus pay Sony money to return unsold units. I have a business degree and know a little bit about retail so if you have any questions let me know.

In the end, sold to retail means sold to consumer since in the end the retailer projects what it will sell then purchases units from Sony.

MS on the other hand employs third party warehouses to store unsold units. That is the only way they can channel stuff. The third party warehouses then take the orders and are in control of the stock though all stock is still under ownership of MS and thus cannot be reported as units sold. Once orders are placed then the console is sold but while it is in the warehouse it is considered unit shipped.

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thetamer4244d ago (Edited 4244d ago )

360 and PS3 both suck. I want a chicken house for Christmas. It has better graphics, looks nicer and you feel more invovled with the real world by feeding them and eating their periods.

MMMMmmmmm, chicken periods

Maticus4244d ago

I'm partial to an egg or two as well. But neither the chicken house nor the egg are great for playing computer games on.

Give me a PC any day :P

thetamer4244d ago

Well that's where you're wrong. Give me an egg any day and I'll be amused for hours.

Did you know, for example, that a person who eats three eggs a day destroys 0.008% of the world's natural resources just by the gas they pass?

And did you know that if you compressed 12 eggs shells together, you'd have a material that was stronger than kevlar?

rezenu4244d ago


That's just weird.

Chazmers4244d ago

not surprised, the majority of people who want a Wii have now got one especially after last years Wii Fit fad which lasted over the holiday period.

the deals that the 360 have at the moment are the best for value and cheapest.